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Dating scammer Daniela Munteanu


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Name: Daniela Munteanu

Email: unknown yet

Str. Militari 12, Bucarest, RO
This street did not exist!

Other Comments:
Daniela is not a 'classic' Scammer. She try to get money for leaving Romania. She communicate only about YM and Web-Cam, not by mail. Most of the time, her daughter is near her. She had made me curiously because of problems, that I 'maybe don`t like to hear', as she said. After some days, I asked her again and she told me the 'problems'. She has no money to pay the rent and she would like to leave the country. The 'problem' is, she cannot, because it`s not possible to pay the rent. She also cannot work, because she had nobody for her daughter. The father of her daughter, her own father also, are gone away to Italy and her mother is dead. There is a sister, but she cannot help. I have a girlfriend in Bucarest and I asked Daniela, if she maybe can help her. No, was her answer, she would like to have only help from my side. Some days later, the next problem appears. A girlfriend of her, Carmen, contact me by her YM-account. Her daughter had suddenly a Appendicitis, so she need money for a operation. She said, she has no Insurance and it`s very dangerous for her daughter. I found out, that children until 3 years, paid absolutely nothing for any kind of Medic problems, in RO. But I didn`t tell her that, I asked her, to let my girlfriend help and visit her in the Hospital. Her girlfriend said yes, if I mean this. I really called my girlfriend and she like to help and to visit her in that Hospital next day. I told Danielas girlfriend that and she said, that she would talk to Daniela. At the next morning, Carmen, her girlfriend, contact me and said, Danielas daughter was transferred to an other Hospital in Iasi, 240 km away from Bucarest. She needs the money urgently. I said 'no' and told her also what I know until now. The last message I get was, I should believe what I want..... that`s it, in short form.
Fact is: The Hospital where her daughter should lie, is the biggest and best in Romania. No person will ever transferred a child, with her daughters problem, to a no-name Hospital 240 km away from home and the best medical care she can get. (I have this info from my girlfriend)
She prefer Western Union, because she has no Bank-account.
The address I get from her, did not exist.
The IP is unfortunately only a knot of a lot, but in Bucarest.
The person you see on the pictures, is she, the other one, is she with her girlfriend. I am sorry, but I cannot show here her daughter. She is only a helpful victim. I look for her in all Scam-Forums I know, but I never found her.
It seem her YM-account, is not more in use, therefore I have it not post.

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2009-03-28, 02:18:42   (updated: )
[hidden] from Spain  

2009-03-28, 02:18:42   (updated: )
[hidden] from Spain  

2009-03-28, 02:18:42   (updated: )
[hidden] from Spain  

2009-07-17, 11:34:03   (updated: 2009-07-17, 11:38:51)
anonymous from Spain  
Hello to all,
sometimes Humans make mistakes. If this mistake is realized, should it be known and it should be undone. I am the person who create this Profile.
I apologize, that I named Daniela Munteanu a scammer. She gave the money back. She also explained the background and, I believe her words.
So for the Public and for Daniela, also for those who read this Scam-profile:
Daniela Munteanu is not a Scammer!
I please the Webmaster, to delete this Scam-Profile. I apologize me for that, this I had said the things about a wonderful woman like Daniela. Excuse and I am sorry for this misunderstanding.
2009-07-17, 13:30:03
wanwan from Japan  
@2009-07-17, 11:34:03 (updated: 2009-07-17, 11:38:51)
anonymous from Spain

I guess this post is coming from scammers.
Doubt !
And Spain !
Put 1000% proofs on here !

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2009-07-17, 13:45:56   (updated: 2009-07-17, 13:48:55)
anonymous from United States  
From BadDog:

@anon from spain 2009-07-17, 11:34:03 (updated: 2009-07-17, 11:38:51)

Please address your request for the profile to be removed to

Peter is the site administrator and has the sole privilege of honoring your request. I suggest you provide documentation of your original request, your correspondence with her and the 'PROOF' that you received your money back and verify that she is indeed an innocent in this situation. Without those essentials how can he be sure that the scammer has not conned you again?

ANYONE could post what you have done to request a 'Scammer' be cleared. YOUR mistake. YOUR burden now to get her profile removed. If this is all true I am sure you will feel better for having corrected your 'mistake'.

Until you contact him for EXACTLY what he needs...the posting will probably remain and could leave you liable. He is the only person that can help you at this point please provide whatever he requires to fix this.

To err is human; to forgive; divine.

I hope you are right and just not falling into the 'Imaginary Online Girlfriend' trap and another con game.

Good luck anon from Spain


PS: WanWan-You are probably right!
2009-07-17, 18:19:35
anonymous from Molina De Segura, Spain  
Hello wanwan,
it seem, you have a big experience with Spanish people? Your 'Doubt! and Spain!' make me believe it. I hope, your experience is not only from a one-week trip, through all parts of this Country.... It also seem, you know Daniela well, to 'guess' that I am a scammer.
However, I would be careful with a 'guess', because that shot could come back. I could ask also, who or what tells you, that a Spaniard wrote this? The Flag maybe said nothing about the Country where I am from. You shout for 1000% proofs here, did you send an ID, or something similar? Are you tested here?
I`ve made a mistake and I realized it, where is your problem? Why should I not stand behind that mistake and clear it? Should I speak bad about a woman, because of my mistake? If someone make a mistake, he should have the eggs to see it and rectifies. In every situation.
By the way, I am from Germany, I live and work in Spain. So next time you maybe think twice, before you wrote. No, I don`t think bad of you ;-)

To BadDog,
thank you, for to give me the Mail of the Webmaster. I know, this could be written from anybody. But to send a copy of my Bankpaper, to somebody I don`t know, seems to be a to high expectation. It will be also hard, to bring a copy of conversation, that was only made by phone. To stay in contact to somebody, if you are only all 6 weeks at home, is not possible by Mail and letters. Not if you are a truckdriver. I will see what I can do that the Webmaster can be sure, that I am really not a scammer ;-)
Thank you, for your informations.
2009-07-17, 22:02:04
OJAS from United States  
@German from Molina De Segura, Spain 2009-07-17, 18:19:35
You could write to the Admin in German, explain your points.
2009-07-17, 22:07:26   (updated: 2009-07-17, 22:12:41)
[hidden] from Salem, United States  

Let me help clear this up a little for, You.
First off Wanwan is very well known and respected contributor to this
You on the other hand are the unknown here.
Bad Dog is another respected contributor here also.
It makes no difference to me or either Wanwan or Bad Dog what
flag is showing on, Your posting we already know all about scammers
who make postings here.
If, You want to avoid confrontation and prove to everyone here, Your
intentions are innocent and, You truly are not a scammer or trouble maker
then do exactly as both these guy's have told, You.
You have absolutely no reason to post any more messages here.
You stated, Your case. Now contact the site administrator as, He is
the only one who can help, You.
Coming back here to argue with anyone will most likely result in, Your
Clearly there is nothing to discuss as no one on here can change a posting
except Peter.
But be warned, Your postings if deemed to be offensive or argumentative
most likely will be removed.
Wanwans comments to, You are standard as the postings here by victims
remain protected and considered genuine.
No one not, You or anyone will be allowed to contest to the validity
in this open Forum.
To do so means only several choices one being your a scammer
doing damage control. You may be telling the truth but that is impossible
for, You to prove by making postings its just wasting, Your time and Ours.
The fact, You claim that, You would have difficulty proving, Your case
is meaningless here. It is also not Our problem its, Yours.
So get off here and shut up as, You nothing to say that will help, Your
cause in any way. In fact, You may destroy any chance of getting anything
I strongly urge, You to consider very well before returning here and
making another posting. You have no reason to.

Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//
2009-07-18, 03:19:27
wanwan from Japan  
@anonymous from Molina De Segura, Spain

No need many Excuses.
No need many statements.
Only, you have to put 1000000000% proofs on here.
Why don't you contact site admin?

2009-07-27, 02:19:44
wanwan from Japan  
2009-10-03, 19:49:22
anonymous from Kln, Germany  
Hi WanWan,
I realy don`t know, what has a town to do, with George Bush. It sems, you like him much, because you have a lot of pictures.... I hope your character is different. I have send a message to the Web-Masterr, but I get no answer until now. I await his answer of my questions. I am in Cologne/Germany now. Only in that case, you may wonder because of I write from Germany now. By the way, your comments are more than tasteless. As I said, sometimes you should think twice, beforfe you write sometrhing. You know, may you are a good known member here. But, there are a lot of cases, where People said : 'He was always a good guy, until he murdered 2 childs'. However, I await your public apology. Because specifically you, a member of a people that allow female underwear in vending machines!! Sorry, but how ill someone must be to get it???
Greetings from Cologne,
2009-10-03, 19:52:47
anonymous from Germany  
PS: I am sorry for the mistakes. I am so angry about his words and I wrote a little fast.
2009-10-03, 21:21:35   (updated: 2009-10-03, 21:23:13)
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
2009-10-03, 19:49:22
anonymous from K�ln, Germany

2009-10-03, 19:52:47
anonymous from Germany

Your response to Wanwan is uncalled for.
Your responsible for, Your words here.
Go away if, Your going to just attack Wanwan.
Your not helping, Yourself by attacking Wanwan.
You also are not helping anyone here who is a victim
of being scammed.
You are not reporting a scam.
So shut up now and get lost.
You ignored Wanwans request for proof.
Changing the subject from that by attacking, Him personally.
Your actions say, Your a scammer who has no proof of anything at all.
Your posting first from Spain and now from Germany is a old
scammer trick.
You are in neither Country and just making it look like, You are.
Go ahead and keep shooting, Your mouth off.
watch what happens to, You if, You do.
Your not just talking to, My Friend Wanwan.
If, You were anyone to respect then, You would show respect, Yourself.
Buzz away little Fly bother someone else.

Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//
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2009-10-04, 01:54:26
wanwan from Japan  
@2009-10-03, 19:49:22
anonymous from K�ln, Germany

@2009-10-03, 19:52:47
anonymous from Germany

I haven't seen you for a long time.
And you come back again then you strike a wrong note ♪♪♪.
You have put an irrelevant argument.
Do you have ears or not ?
Again I say

'' PROOF ''

The admin did not email you back or not,,,,,,it is not my business.

I often have put his photos on Delphi.
It is just a JOKE !!!!

By the way why don't you put 1000% proofs on Delphi ?

Special thanks to you,my friend.
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Dating scammer ekaterina meteleva

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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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