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Dating scammer patience kemeh


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Name: patience kemeh



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2013-09-14, 12:38:18
SHE IS THE DEVIL IN DESGUIZE.......DO NOT BELIEVE A DAMN WORD SHE TELLS YOU!!!!!!!SHE HATES YOU!!!!!SHE DOES NOT LOVE YOU!!!!!SHE WILL GIVE YOU A E-MAIL ADDRESS FOR A SO CALLED LAWYER!!!!!Claiming that her father died when she was young.And,she wants to marry you and make you the owner of the inheritance because she can't get the money until she is married.She will even have the 'Lawyer call you'It is her.AND,She will tell you she has a son.Who her ex-stole from her because she broke up with him for cheating on her.Then she will tell you Her son who she has not seen in years contacted her.Befire long you are sending her money....Then she will tell you the school that her son goes to wants to fly her there.That she is going there to get him and bring him back to be with you!!!!!!!!She will always have you sending money to many different people with different names....Naver her.....PLEASE!!!!! I BEG YOU!!!!! IF YOU ARE IN CONTACT WITH HER STOP!!!!!!.....IF YOU THINK YOU ARE GOING TO GET ANY OF YOUR MONEY BACK DO NOT BOTHER TO PLAY THE GAME WITH HER!!!!!!!After you figure it out!!!!!....PLEASE JUST WALK AWAY!!!!!!....LET IT GO.....DELETE YOUR E-MAIL ADRESSES AND START ANOTHER ONE!!!!!....CHANGE YOUR PHONE NUMBER!!!!!.....LEAVE THIS DEVIL BEHIND!!!!!!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!SHE ALMOST KILLED ME!!!!! Stay off of Craigslist and social dating websites!!!!!Get up some courage and go out and find a real girl....Meet her in person and do not let women like this scam you anymore.
2013-09-17, 01:54:51
her name is patricia seadzi claims to be a nurse in Ghana. she claims she was previously in America on a educational visa turns out she was never in America. her photos are not really her in which she claims she has been hurt and scared to show her photo. she told me she was in love and that we will be together forever but after I told her that I was broke she asked me to get a loan or use a credit card so that she can come over to America. she even called a couple of times when I questioned that she was fake. this lady is ruthless after refusing to send money her so called brother called and told me that she was dying and needed medical attention and that I should send the money as soon as possible. this woman/man is crazy do not fall for their lies her email is and leave them alone or you will e taken for everything you have.
2013-10-03, 16:56:34
This one is also on OKCUPID with similar pics. Be very careful of her. I did provide misleading information to her just to trip her up on conversation. She hasn't asked for money as yet but I'm waiting on the drop for that. Watch out for her. She's still out there going strong.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer patience kemeh

2013-10-03, 16:56:35
This one is also on OKCUPID with similar pics. Be very careful of her. I did provide misleading information to her just to trip her up on conversation. She hasn't asked for money as yet but I'm waiting on the drop for that. Watch out for her. She's still out there going strong.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer patience kemeh

2013-10-04, 05:06:25
Pics of this girl posted many times
2014-03-18, 14:13:15
anonymous from United States  
She calls herself Lucy Moore,Amanda Newton,....etc....etc....DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THIS ONE!!!!!....
She will destroy you!!!...If this is indeed a woman or not I do not know....One thing is certain.This person is very VERY...good at what he/she does.
I'm writing this so that others do not have to suffer the same fate as I.This person(whoever they may be) milked me out of everything I had and left me in trouble financially with my bank.And.never once did I get to meet her.Yes,it was stupid I know.But,the game this person or persons play is very seductive and cunning...You think you are to smart for it.But,they know how to brainwash you..It's a very scientific scam that they play on your heart and body and mind.
If you are contacted by a person with this pic....Please in the name of all that is holy...Run,
Thankfully,I was not completely destroyed by her or him...(which ever the case may be.)And,since then I have been able to get my life back in order (Slowly and painstakingly).In the days that have followed I've been able to find a real woman.Actually,have had face to face interaction...Soon to be married...
A word of advice to those who are looking....I know you are lonely but it's just not worth the agony and stress.If you meet someone online....1) If they do not want to meet you within a reasonable amount of time(Keep making excuses ). Chances are you are being scammed....2)Ask questions demand answers....3) The minute they start asking you for money....RUN RUN RUN!!!!!
2014-03-21, 18:42:48
anonymous from Pakistan  
these girls are available on they all asking money over there to for food, for passport, camera visa visit u love u story
2014-03-21, 18:45:58
anonymous from Pakistan  
never send money to any one they show u the recording on skype all boys scammer co in ghana fake semi nude pic if girls says old man like me ur handsome thats means they will ask money soon ghana, nigeria, south africa, swaziland full of scammer opertwd from ghana
2014-03-28, 10:44:11
anonymous from Ghana  
Hi ..
I`m Hannah Adu.
Very loyal and simple woman with my love John Spehar,
Please am here bye to info this dating site That the PICTURES ABOVE here is my real photo and people are using it t scam and that is bring separation between me and my love and therefor i want you to block and remove all my photos from your dating site Please Because i never want lose my love i have found ...

Please i want my photo to be remove now as soon as possible Thank You ..

Hannah ..
2014-04-21, 14:42:25
anonymous from United States  
Unfortunaty by the time we find her here it is way to late and the damage has already been done.Get 'Spokeo'.Go ahead and pay for the membership fees.It is well worth it.It was how I found this bitch's facebook pages and all of her dating websites she was dicking men out of money on.
2014-04-21, 14:52:23
anonymous from United States  
Slick bitch
2014-05-03, 21:27:06
anonymous from United States  
Sne's now calling herself 'Vida Sarpong' just got contacted by her on MeetMe, chatted on yahoo, google imaged one of the pics she sent me and this page popped up. great service, hopefully this will save someone from being scammed by Vida Sarpong

2014-05-31, 17:33:39
This is one of the biggest scammer that I have ever seen on the net, and I have read where they have a very heavy bounty out for her. Here are some of the emails that I have tract on her..
Gifty , , and, I am sure that there are many more, but these are just a few. Thank you.
2014-05-31, 19:49:38
Using many different names, he told me that she was Rose Pappoe.

Scammers are having a 'field day' posting all these pics of luscious looking babes cleverly used to lure you into their web of deceit and deception. There is no hot sexy babe at the other end !
2014-05-31, 21:44:16
Bax from United States  
Porn downloads used by scammers to separate you from your money.

Use the DelphiFAQ search function (blue bar top of page)
Searching for 'ATK Rose': 13 documents found for 'ATK Rose':

Dating scammer Amanda Smith from Ghana pg# 41
Anonymous 2014-03-06, 09:03:49

ATK Exotics model Rose pics plastered all over the internet many different names going back to 2007...

NEVER become emotionally entangled with photos that make you send money to strangers!
NEVER confront scammers! http://www.romances..hp?t=56379
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Esther Ansomaa from Accra, Ghana
Dating scammer Amanda Smith from Ghana
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