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Dating scammer vanessa reputana


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Name: vanessa reputana


Mintal Davao City Philippine

Other Comments:
Dangerous, because HIV IDS

Vanessa Quidet Reputana, born in march 27.1986 is a Scammer from Mintal Davao City Philippine.
St. Augustine school of nursing davao city

her names: trisha, cristal, crystal, bettina, mabel, dulce, maria, mercado, brongiel, jeffrey, vanessareputana, trisha_tr86 and much ather names.

be careful with her, she do all to get pregnant from a men from ather countrys.
she work in singapore in a japanese restaurant or sometimes in malaysia.

because of her wrong promisses i lost ca. 8.000,-€
she have much mens in her life and make u believe, you the only one.

how the family think about her, we can send u in email.
without makeup she is not so pretty.
her hands and feets look old.
she have wrong teeth in front.
she have a pircing in navel.
she call all bf honey
for sex she say boom boom
she sleep in the night with a blue net
a x boyfriend from her say, she have HIV AIDS
one time she was pregnant and lost the baby....
when she cum she say alltime...... ooohhhh shit
we think, her friend wenna is same, she stay at moment with a men from perth and have boyfriend in davao too.
for informations contact me here pls. i answere as soon as posieble.
we suerch ather mens they send money and x boyfriends from her.

be careful with her, she is cold as ice and intelligent enough to make u believe what she say.

her parents know how bad she is, but they need the money from her...... i am so sorry for her mother and her sister mabel reputana. i love u both!

this she say to all men´s:
i love you so much & so excited to see you honey. thank you for accepting me and thank you for not believing to him....

They have a small hemorrhoid on Arnus
In her past she takes drugs and maybe she is sik now in her head. she forget all her promisses and dont remember her mistakes.

we are very intristed to know where she work in singapore, or to know men they send money, or x boyfriends!!!

western union

the time I stay with her she got sms from ather mens, also she text in the night in bed. She have her secrets….. poor thing. Her life is a whole lie
Vanessa reputana is now In Singapore she stop the contact to me and say she never would marry me ;-) She make me believe it million times….
If u have anny informations, or questions how she work, send email to
I am sorry for the next men and we can realy only hope, he looks in internet and read about her. We have some of her bf and good news. Vanessa reputana is dangerous and cold as ice. I know it now….. but to late for me. She hurted me so much.
emails from mabel reputana, sister from Vanessa reputana. Also her mother send me sms, vanessa reputana is a bad girl and I should surch ather girl. After I leave her she break all promises and the contact was only some min in week. She works this time with ather accounts to meet ather mens.

1. hello mick!,, its me Mabel.. how are you? we miss so much here.. hmm when are you going to visit philippines again? mama told me to remind you to eat your meal everyday,, she miss you a lot. when you left home mama cried so much .. hmmm i didnt email you as early when you texted me beacause ate used the laptop, sorry for my late email.. take care of your self always, we love you.
2. hello mick.. i am sooo worried about you, im soooooooo sorry for the i haven't answered your call.. i was out of home that time for about 3 days,. i was in Panabo city to conduct our recollection.. I told ate Vanessa to call or txt you back but she also didn't answer my call.. hmm i feel so bad for not answering your call huhuh sorry..
3. i havent talk to ate yet but if she come home later i'l confront her,, sorry mick if we cause you so much pain :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
4. hmm by the way mick, april 18 is my graduation day,, i wish you were here to celebrate my graduation.. i am here at the enternet cafe and mama told me to extend her regards to you
5. hmm really? actually we have a mis understanding nowadays with my sister thats why we didnt talk to each other clearly and i cant question her because shes angry with me, always angry with me hmmmm.. i dont know what time she comes home but mama know it. dont worry i will ask mama about it. ... 50,000 pesos?? its a big amount already... i didnt know about it but its okay i told you we always have a fight hehehe.. my brother dont think so much of the negative things okay?? i am worried about your health, i know it hurts but please take care of your self, eat your meals everyday And a vitamin too...
6. hello mick,,.. im now here at the enternet caffe, im sorry i cant send you email more often because i send my laptop to the pawnshop for me to pay my tuition fee in school.. Vanessa didnt give us money anymore:( i dont know with her.. mama dont understand her attitude too..
Im so sorry about what happened to you with Vanessa, i know she cause you so much pain.. hmmm this past few days i saw vanessa chatting with another man too:( ,, she now have her laptop but she didnt let me barrow her own laptop thats why im here at the enternet caffe.. hmmm i was soo sad because of my sister..
mick i wish you could find another girl that you really deserve, not like with my sister.. however mama and I were so happy because you came in our life.. we hope that your okay there..

Some messages in skype from Vanessa reputana. We bet the next numbers on way to her. Men´s are only numbers and she have no heart. She makes u believe so much.
[01.04.2012 11:40:07] vanessa: yes honey we need the money for our future family
[03.04.2012 13:52:12] vanessa : 6ooo euro is to much for you?
[03.04.2012 15:12:06] vanessa: i want to have baby with you
[03.04.2012 15:16:41] vanessa: i love you sooooooo much with all my heart
[08.04.2012 12:14:51] vanessa: yes i will share my life for you
[08.04.2012 13:08:23] vanessa: hehehe yes we can have a baby honey
[08.04.2012 13:08:43] vanessa: and im so happy to have a babayfrom you.
[12.04.2012 12:30:44] vanessa: school is very importnant to me to
[12.04.2012 12:39:35] vanessa: honey wenna talk me in phone earlier
[12.04.2012 12:39:50] Mick: what she say?
[12.04.2012 12:40:21] vanessa: she will go to australia and she want to barrow a money from me but she will pay when she get back
[12.04.2012 12:40:34] Mick: how much?
[12.04.2012 12:40:36] vanessa: her family need it
[12.04.2012 12:40:45] vanessa: 20,000 peso
[12.04.2012 12:51:13] vanessa: when wenna ay back i will pay it for my school
[12.04.2012 13:14:14] vanessa: i dont hurt you my love
[12.04.2012 13:32:18] vanessa: we will buy houses
[12.04.2012 13:32:21] Mick: i know and i will
[12.04.2012 13:32:22] vanessa kron: car
[13.04.2012 13:29:46] vanessa: honey yes honey this afternoon i recieve the money
[17.04.2012 16:42:49] cristal: is it not enought that i tell you i have so many mans before?
[17.04.2012 16:43:57] cristal: so muchhhhhhhh guys and lies
[17.04.2012 16:44:17] cristal: i have so many names
[17.04.2012 16:44:36] cristal: i have so many guys
[17.04.2012 16:55:12] cristal: i have so much guys i told you
[17.04.2012 17:01:05] cristal: because if girl only need your money that what we called play...
[17.04.2012 17:01:26] cristal: no you dont believ our plans before
[17.04.2012 17:01:33] cristal: you believe with other people
[17.04.2012 17:01:49] cristal: fuck that dearly
[17.04.2012 17:01:57] cristal: i will kill her swear
[17.04.2012 17:02:30] cristal: i make her life misirable
[17.04.2012 17:03:35] cristal: let her i will do bad for her
[17.04.2012 17:03:56] cristal: let see how bad really i am
[18.04.2012 02:57:10] cristal: i told you i can use many names
[18.04.2012 02:57:15] cristal: like cristal
[18.04.2012 02:57:19] cristal: trisha
[18.04.2012 02:57:24] cristal: whatever names
[18.04.2012 03:12:54] cristal: yes i hurt you eversince when you’re here
[18.04.2012 03:14:04] cristal: i admit my fault that i hurt you
[18.04.2012 03:16:01] cristal: i will go take shower soon.we will go for graduation
[18.04.2012 03:16:18] cristal: im sorry for all
[18.04.2012 03:16:40] cristal: im very sorry i give you hurt and pain
[18.04.2012 03:44:07] cristal: yes im vanessa brongiel and vanessa,i still have many names
[18.04.2012 03:48:46] cristal: cant fine me.i will go out this home
[20.04.2012 13:00:36] cristal: i told you i always change and make a lot of names
[20.04.2012 13:04:20] cristal: i dont know maybe how to handdle relation
[20.04.2012 13:06:30] cristal: i go singapore for work
[20.04.2012 13:14:21] cristal: i go to singapore for 1 month and go back
[20.04.2012 13:16:24] cristal: i only go there for 1 month to work then go back for school
[20.04.2012 13:23:00] cristal: i will send the papers when i go to Singapore
[20.04.2012 13:29:40] cristal: wenna will pay you soon in june
[20.04.2012 13:32:06] cristal: 1month and after no more work in Singapore
[20.04.2012 13:38:04] cristal: my study is very important to me
[20.04.2012 13:58:00] cristal: ill think about not going to Singapore
[20.04.2012 14:00:26] cristal: i love you
[20.04.2012 14:29:48] cristal: ok i chabge my name but ill go to work 1 month only
[21.04.2012 13:41:46] cristal: im using other account if youstill there
[21.04.2012 13:42:38] cristal: ofcourse its easy so when you see me you will shock
[21.04.2012 13:45:53] cristal: now you cant see me anymore in cupid
[21.04.2012 13:46:22] cristal: but mabye next year when im ready for another relation i will be back in cupid
[21.04.2012 13:49:35] cristal: im sorry that i make you hurt and be a stoker its enough,i hurt you so much.i was thinking only if your still on the site thats why i make it
[21.04.2012 13:50:39] cristal: enjoy your shoping and will not disturbe you anymore im sorry my mistake for making other account
[21.04.2012 13:52:23] cristal: i will never hurt you anymore
[21.04.2012 13:53:17] cristal: all i can say im sorry i never mean to hurt you i was so stupid to be a stoker
[21.04.2012 14:55:01] cristal: i hope one day you will forgive me.i hurt you so much and im not the right girl for you
[21.04.2012 14:55:57] cristal: i will accept it
[21.04.2012 14:56:25] cristal: all words from you i will accept it also from your friend im dirty and bitch
[21.04.2012 14:57:38] cristal: i know i distroyed you
[21.04.2012 14:58:26] cristal: yes i know....i know your so angry ,hurt for all what i did
[21.04.2012 14:59:33] cristal: i hurt you so much and i dont want want to hurt you more
[21.04.2012 15:04:05] cristal: i deleted all my accounts
[21.04.2012 15:04:21] cristal: i just want to say sorry for all
[21.04.2012 15:05:03] cristal: im very sorry,you dont forgive me this time but im hoping you will forgive me in the right time.and we see us in the right time
[21.04.2012 15:31:23] cristal: i will go tomorrow to fine a bording house
[21.04.2012 15:34:42] cristal: my plan now is to go away from this house.i dont hate mama but i dont to fight with then more
[22.04.2012 01:10:33] cristal: i recieve all your text
[22.04.2012 01:11:05] cristal: can we talk?
[22.04.2012 01:11:37] cristal: i wii go to town later to fine a house
[22.04.2012 01:34:54] vanessa: i know now that you will fine a girl because you send me a message for you to love you, and if you cant fine im only here waiting for you.i will always love you no matter what. i will miss my white monkey so much.i know you dont will message me anymore i will wait for you to come back, you will always be here in my heart. im so crazy and im so jealouse about you will go back in cupid to fine your love. i will miss you so much and i love you so much. can you be my friend?can you allow me to message you sometimes? i need your answer with this. im very sorry again of what i did to you. i hope you will forgive me in the right time. i will always love you. take care always,no matter what problem you will have please dont miss to take your meals. stay healthy and take care always your body and health. i have to go now to fine my new place to stay. i will love you always. bye

honey i have to tell you something
[22.04.2012 14:07:27] vanessa: i have plane ticket for cebu
[22.04.2012 14:07:45] vanessa: we will have vacation with wenna and i only for 4 days
[22.04.2012 14:07:51] vanessa: june6-10
[22.04.2012 14:07:59] vanessa: travel
[22.04.2012 14:08:19] vanessa: we have ticket already we have it since last week
[22.04.2012 14:08:40] vanessa: i can show you the ticket details if you want
[22.04.2012 14:08:57] vanessa: for holidays
[22.04.2012 14:09:02] vanessa: just me and wenna
[22.04.2012 15:07:02] vanessa: send it in your email honey
[22.04.2012 15:07:55] vanessa: From: Maresmaschinen
To: Cristal Quidet
Sent: Wednesday, April 18, 2012 5:42 AM
Subject: Re: Good morning

Am 06.04.2012 03:24, schrieb Cristal Quidet:

Hi vanessa,
pasensya ka na late na me mg reply...naging busy lang these days....pasensya ka na di ko masasagot ang tanong mo...kasi iba yung naging sitwasyon ko sayo hindi ako ng apply ng fiance visa---naging tourist muna ako dito tapos umuwi ako dyan sa atin---afetr 3 months buntis na ako...kaya bale dito palang ako na umpisahan na namin ang pag asikaso.--natagalan nga lang till dyan sa pinas ko pinanganak yung bata...until pinatawag ako ng embassy para kunin na yung visa ko for marriage na. see mo yung link ng embassy german embass : http://www.manila.d..mar12.pdf

or type mo sa google german embassy manila...see mo yung website makikita mo dun ang requirements at application forms basahin mo lang yun...di ko lang alam if may pagbabago sa patakaran nila..-pero if ever mababasa mo din yun doon...sana makatulong sayo much better mg inquire direct sa embassy you can call thru call center may kamahalan nga lang per minutes pero mas maganda direkt ka mag ask....try to read lang yung instruction sa website ng embassy it will help you for further informations...


> 7Hello ate Gloria,
> Magandang araw po sa inyu. Hindi ko po alam kung paanu ko uumpisahan ang pagtatanung sa iyo.fiance po to ni Helmut Kron .a c Vanessa Reputana. Maari ko po bang malaman kung paanu mag aply nag fiance visa sa germany? anu po ang mga rules and regulations dyan sa germany kung ikakasal ka sa isang german. 1st time ko po kasi mag aply ng fiance visa sa ibang bansa at wala po akung knowledge sa ganitung bagay. matagal po ba bago ma aprobahan ang fiance visa? anu po ba ang dapat kung gawin?
> God Bless you and to your family.
> Vanessa Reputana

[22.04.2012 15:30:49] vanessa: thank you honey
[22.04.2012 15:30:51] vanessa: yes honey i can hear yiu
[22.04.2012 15:31:09] vanessa: yes honey
[22.04.2012 15:31:21] vanessa: i will be in singapore

honey i have my birth certificate already but my singless is not yet
[22.04.2012 15:42:44] vanessa: i will send all once i get all
[22.04.2012 15:43:29] vanessa: or i will ask mama to send the document
[22.04.2012 15:43:30] vanessa: i assure you with that honey
[22.04.2012 15:43:32] Helmut: i need all documents
[22.04.2012 15:43:36] vanessa: wait i look my calendar
[22.04.2012 15:44:41] vanessa: i will have the other paper on may 3 honey
[22.04.2012 15:45:03] vanessa: then mama will send it to you together with my passport
[22.04.2012 15:45:15] vanessa: i will make my passport ready before i go
[26.04.2012 03:49:40] vanessa: honey, im online.what is this?
[26.04.2012 03:53:00] vanessa: what is the plan?i though we will marry soon.?
[26.04.2012 08:30:38] vanessa: sorry
[26.04.2012 08:31:23] vanessa: im sorry if you feel so angry
[26.04.2012 09:38:32] vanessa: if you want soon then i come soo
[26.04.2012 09:42:57] vanessa: ill go to mall to look for flight
[26.04.2012 09:43:18] vanessa: you only go to imbacy when you have all
[26.04.2012 09:47:27] vanessa: and now for ticket
[26.04.2012 09:47:49] vanessa: i can have the money when wenna back
[26.04.2012 09:48:02] vanessa: so how can i have the 20,000
[26.04.2012 09:50:32] vanessa kron: i will
[26.04.2012 09:50:51] vanessa kron: i only ask for small not big

[28.04.2012 15:29:43] vanessa: im sorry i try my best not to make worrie honey
[28.04.2012 15:29:52] vanessa: i understand you
[28.04.2012 15:31:18] vanessa: im sorry if sometimes i make you worrie
[28.04.2012 15:58:45] vanessa: please dont think otherthings
[28.04.2012 15:58:53] vanessa: im only here for you
[28.04.2012 15:59:14] vanessa: and i want you to know that i love you even you dont feel it
[28.04.2012 15:58:45] vanessa kron: please dont think otherthings
[28.04.2012 15:58:53] vanessa kron: im only here for you
[28.04.2012 15:59:14] vanessa: and i want you to know that i love you even you dont feel it
[29.04.2012 09:20:32] vanessa: the ticket is so expenssive
[29.04.2012 09:21:02] vanessa: 30,000 plus
[29.04.2012 09:30:03] vanessa: i dont work there forever
[29.04.2012 10:09:03] vanessa: i can earn 2ooo more
[29.04.2012 10:10:38] vanessa: 2,000 euro i can erane more
[29.04.2012 10:10:48] vanessa: when i go there
[29.04.2012 10:12:19] vanessa: i dont want to go back home
[29.04.2012 10:15:02] vanessa kron: what you want me to do?stay at home 24hours?fight with them?
[29.04.2012 10:15:18] vanessa: give them money?
[29.04.2012 10:16:19] vanessa: you know what if i work here how much only i can earned?5,000 peso per month
[29.04.2012 10:19:13] vanessa: i can earned there 70,000 peso just for 1 month please understand me
[29.04.2012 10:19:30] vanessa: i only need 1 month to work there
[29.04.2012 10:24:56] vanessa: if you dont think it why you say it?i said so many times i only work for 1 month then go back here for study
[29.04.2012 10:27:54] vanessa: i want to have a good life
[29.04.2012 10:43:21] vanessa: ofcourse i remember
[29.04.2012 10:43:38] vanessa: clothes here is so expensive
[29.04.2012 10:47:57] vanessa: i can have my papers all in may3
[29.04.2012 10:48:42] vanessa: then i send it to you
[29.04.2012 10:49:11] vanessa: i will take it to the office if not i ask my father to get it
[29.04.2012 11:25:47] vanessa: TO BE TOGETHERWE NEED TO WAIT ONLY
[29.04.2012 11:25:56] vanessa: THE RIGHT TIME
[29.04.2012 13:47:52] vanessa: i miss you
[29.04.2012 13:53:07] vanessa: honey i dont have load to text you answer the phone
[29.04.2012 14:00:51] vanessa: i still need to buy ticket
[29.04.2012 21:05:07] vanessa: honey cn you book a ticket for me?
[29.04.2012 21:06:52] vanessa: yes im wake up because of you i dont want you to think nonsence again
[29.04.2012 21:07:17] vanessa kron: honey come you book me a ticket?
[29.04.2012 21:09:14] vanessa: you will bok it tomorrow honey?
[29.04.2012 21:09:44] vanessa: let me know when you go to book so we can go online to
[29.04.2012 21:14:16] vanessa: i love yo to honey
[29.04.2012 21:14:39] vanessa: honey you will book my flight?
[29.04.2012 21:15:27] vanessa: sure?
[29.04.2012 21:15:48] vanessa: let me know when you have to book 1st ok?
[29.04.2012 21:16:59] vanessa: today is april30 honey and tomorrow is may1
[29.04.2012 21:17:25] vanessa: let me know whenyou go to book a ticket
[29.04.2012 21:19:04] vanessa kron: just let moe know when you will start to book tomorrow so i can give you some info honey
[29.04.2012 21:19:38] vanessa: before you book lt me know 1st. think of it 1st
[30.04.2012 14:32:57] vanessa kron: i have my ticket already
[30.04.2012 14:38:02] vanessa: you see my ticket?
[30.04.2012 14:38:33] vanessa: may 3 i go to Singapore
[30.04.2012 14:39:08] vanessa: i will work ther 1 month
[30.04.2012 14:39:31] vanessa: i tink ill be back by june 4 or 5
[30.04.2012 14:53:00] vanessa: i dont say it.... ofcourse i like you. yes honey thats better so you will have nice body.hehehehe i like when you have six pack in your tummy. its so nice....honey we will go karaoke with my girl friends later
[30.04.2012 14:56:14] vanessa: i still have credit honey
[30.04.2012 14:56:20] vanessa: i still can contact you
[30.04.2012 14:58:28] vanessa: we make love so many times then you still shy?
[30.04.2012 14:59:40] vanessa: can i see you i want to see your body
[30.04.2012 15:03:16] vanessa: i want you to honey
[30.04.2012 15:03:37] vanessa: is my pussy smelt bad?
[30.04.2012 15:04:44] vanessa: i love you to honey but im asking you if its really smelly
[30.04.2012 15:07:04] vanessa: is my pusy smeel bad or smel good?
[30.04.2012 15:12:59] vanessa: wenna is in Australia
[30.04.2012 15:13:38] vanessa: shes enjoyong here time with her boyfriend honey and im sure its expenssive to text
[30.04.2012 15:16:08] vanessa: i love you
[30.04.2012 15:16:54] vanessa: millions of kisses
[30.04.2012 15:21:14] vanessa: ich liebe dich
[01.05.2012 13:19:17] vanessa kron: we stay there forever
[01.05.2012 13:19:21] vanessa kron: in Germany
[01.05.2012 13:30:18] vanessa: better there.and if we hav kids they will have future there
[01.05.2012 13:34:10] vanessa: when we marry we will raise the kids in germany
[01.05.2012 13:34:22] vanessa: because here no good and no future
[01.05.2012 13:39:37] vanessa: what you will worry we will marry that time already
[01.05.2012 13:43:10] vanessa: ich liebe dich mien liebling
[01.05.2012 13:43:16] vanessa: mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[02.05.2012 02:58:58] vanessa: hello honey
[02.05.2012 02:59:16] vanessa: ich liebe dich
[02.05.2012 14:57:37] vanessa: tomorror i flight 6:30 am to manila
[02.05.2012 17:31:23] vanessa: my flight from manli to singapore is 4:50-8:50pm
[02.05.2012 17:55:30] vanessa: i will go to airport at 4:30am
[02.05.2012 17:55:39] vanessa: i will wake 3am
[02.05.2012 17:57:46] vanessa: now your offline
[02.05.2012 17:57:57] vanessa: ;( :(
[02.05.2012 17:58:22] vanessa: im trying not to sleep but now your offline
[02.05.2012 17:59:10] vanessa: im not happy about now
[02.05.2012 17:59:30] vanessa: i love you and i never trait you like a dog
[02.05.2012 17:59:37] vanessa: good night
[02.05.2012 18:02:53] vanessa: i love you
[02.05.2012 18:03:00] vanessa: i miss you
[02.05.2012 21:17:21] vanessa: i know in i feel thesame
[02.05.2012 21:17:29] vanessa: you know i love you
[02.05.2012 21:57:09] vanessa: i hope one day you will feel my love
[26.05.2012 14:36:02] vanessa: Yes, fine . Im a big bitch, big lair.
[26.05.2012 14:39:53] vanessa: I'm everything... I admit and accept all
[26.05.2012 17:06:51] vanessa: I'm cold as ice yes....
[26.05.2012 17:07:07] vanessa: You talk so much with me....
[26.05.2012 17:07:39] vanessa: I don't need to talk so much
[26.05.2012 17:45:12] vanessa: I love you but I can't manage this. I want you to be happy... I hope we can be in good terms someday
[20.06.2012 13:22:43] vanessa: I'm here in Singapore. What you gonna do here?
[20.06.2012 13:24:10] vanessa: In sure I'm you will go here in singapore you will love here.
[20.06.2012 13:24:24] vanessa: But it's very expensive here
[20.06.2012 13:29:18] vanessa: Yes... I love rich country.
[20.06.2012 13:46:00] vanessa: Sorry. Maybe this accident happened to me is karma. I'm still lucky I'm still alive
[20.06.2012 14:19:27] vanessa: I'm very sorry
[20.06.2012 16:13:46] vanessa: I don't want you to feel angry
[21.06.2012 18:27:01] vanessa: I really don't want to hurt you
[06.07.2012 15:16:37] vanessa: I don't care what you gonna do.Accept it if I don't want to marry you.It's not my business . And I don't care about it. I'm happy without you. Your so obsess with me. I'm not playing games you just can't accept that I don't want to marry you..... I don't care of what you gonna do man😄😄😄😄😄😄

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2012-08-06, 03:49:57
anonymous from Germany  
vanessa reputana

1. account in hi5

informations please to: (investigator)

2012-08-06, 03:53:32
anonymous from Germany  

2012-08-06, 03:59:44
anonymous from Germany  
2012-08-06, 04:05:40
anonymous from Germany  
2012-08-06, 04:18:01
anonymous from Germany  

2012-08-06, 05:45:03
anonymous from Germany  
St. Agustine School of Nursing
address: 2nd Flr., Banco Filipino Bldg., San Pedro St., Davao City
Phone: (082) 225-1500; (082) 225-3072
School Director: Crisanto Gumapac
Mobile: 09228610372

vanessa quidet reputana from mintal davao city philippine
march 27th 1986
2012-08-06, 17:22:49
anonymous from Germany

who knows vanessa quidet reputana, or the men on this photo? we need him as a witness!
informations pls:
2012-08-06, 17:22:49
anonymous from Germany

who knows vanessa quidet reputana, or the men on this photo? we need him as a witness!
informations pls:
2012-08-08, 09:38:54   (updated: 2012-08-08, 09:47:05)
2012-08-06, 03:44:54 anonymous from Germany - who is this men or who knows him? >>>

Ohh yeah... that's 'Uncle Bud' in the pic and he's a tour operator that arranges frequent Romance Tours to the Philippines. He charges $1,895 to $2,895 plus some extra costs like for Fiancee Visa Kits, etc. Actually, it's probably your safest bet if you wanna filipino girl. Haaa, ole Uncle Bud is often referred to as 'big daddy' by the pinays and rank has its privileges. Uncle Bud knows all these girls intimately... lol ! Just ask him for first hand information... The pic below was taken at a recent social gathering. Ooops, Uncle Bud is the guy pictured with the filipino girl in the last pic on the first page !
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2012-08-08, 11:01:11
anonymous from Germany  
thank our for the informations!
you know his real name too?

contact me in email pls:
2012-08-18, 07:25:43
august 18. 2012

sexcam trisha, cristal vanessa reputana. we suerch witnesses from australia, america, canada and europe. who send money to her? she promise to marry and you ivest much oney in her?

send email to: (investigator)

2012-08-18, 07:31:14

2012-08-18, 07:37:06
anonymous from Germany  

2012-09-14, 11:41:26
anonymous from Halstenbek, Germany  

the whole family is involved and know the games of vanessa quidet reputana.

her mother, her father, the sister mavel quidet reputana are involved.
we have witnesses for all.

vanessa reputana have much names and much mens from the whole world visit her.
when one men leave her,the next come in the philippine.

also her sister in law, dearly rose godito know the games.
be carefull with vanessa quidet reputana, she is cold as ice and all she want is money.
alltimes she say she dont need money, but she let u pay all the time u stay there.
we are so poor the mother tell u alltimes and sure u give the family money, because u think you are a part of the family now.

we know so much mens now and all she promise to marry and to have a family with her.
we search jeffrey brongiel. she makes u believe you the only one. but we know u send her sms in february 'i am in bed now, i am thinking od you and i love you'
at this time mick from germany was in her house with the family. he stay there from end of january till end of march and leave the phils one day after vanessas birthday.

much times she say she will marrry him and he send money to her because he believe.
end of the year we go to the court in davao city with her. much mens lost much moey because of wrong promises. be careful and when u know vanessa quidet reputana, sen email to:

2012-09-19, 20:04:58
attention, wrong investigator. takes money and dont text you anymore:
just send it thru western union my details name: joselito ong address: lapu-lapu, porras st. davao city 8000 cellphone: 09285548181
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