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CareerBuilder Job Scam - payment processing


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The following is in reference to, an online jobs board, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

CareerBuilder Job Scam

I posted my resume on; I was solicited by a potential employer affiliated with CareerBuilder, Niamax Limited. The email was sent on CareerBuilder letterhead, as are many emails I receive from the CareerBuilder site. The soliciting company's website is; this company is listed as doing business in the United Kingdom.

After expressing my interest with their company, I was emailed a legal document (employment contract) to email or fax back to them. The employer then conducted a preliminary "background check" on me and offered me a job. I agreed to work part-time for them as an independent contractor, processing payments from their customers in the United States. I was instructed that I needed to process these payments through Wells Fargo Bank, and would need to obtain a Wells Fargo Bank account if I currently didn't own one.

I accepted two payments (online transfers) into my Wells Fargo Bank account from two other Wells Fargo Bank customers that were supposedly Niamax customers. I was instructed to send the bulk of each payment to a specified business associate, after subtracting my 6% commission, and the Western Union transfer fee. I sent both payments to business associates in Athens, Greece by Western Union; both payments were picked up same day. One man's name was Cornet Deglos, the other was Cleys Mercken.

Wells Fargo Bank has now reversed the initial online customer transfers into my account, stating the transactions were unauthorized (hacked from the accounts of other Wells Fargo Bank customers). I am now responsible for the gross amount ($1977.30) of both unauthorized transactions into my account because I withdrew the money and sent it on, as instructed by my employer, Niamax Limited.

Wells Fargo Bank is not interested in discussing the fact that their system was breached by a hacker, or the fact that I only processed the payments. I asked Wells Fargo Bank why holds were not placed on these online transfers into a NEW account, but they gave no answers, and didn't provide me with an explanation.

Additionally, I notified CareerBuilder's Integrity Team regarding their affiliation with this employer. The representative stated CareerBuilder can't screen all employers utilizing their website, and that I should have read their fraud disclaimer, which is obscurely located in fine print on their website.


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2010-06-02, 09:09:34
anonymous from United States  
Hello, I just got this email today. Please let me know if this is bogus.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Mark Blackwell and I represent a major international company Giant Group .

We found your resume at and it seems you meet our basic requirements!

Our company is a well-known inside and outside of the USA. We deal with an ever-growing variety of consumers, businesses, associations and organizations with a comprehensive line of transaction processing solutions that include:o IT development;o Software support;o Comprehensive connectivity options;You would have to work about 2-3 hours a day, depending on the amount of transactions.

NOTE: Internet and e-mail required. No start-up or any other fees. All fees related to the hiring process are paid by our Company.

You would start with 30 days training period. During the first month, you will be trained and will receive online support while working and getting paid.

Your base salary during the training period will be $2,300 per month plus 8% commission from each and every transaction. And your total income can be around $4,500 after the first month. After the training period, your base salary will be $3,000 per month, plus 8% commission.

Hopefully you will be interested in this part-time position with our Company. Please feel free to e-mail all the questions you might have to (please also include fill out form below).=======================FORM======================Firname: _______________________________________________________L__Laname: _______________________________________________________C__Country residence: _______________________________________________Contontaphone: ____________________________________________________PrePreferred catime: _________________________________________________==========================FORM======================

Your resume was found at This letter is to confirm that your resume has been duly processed and your skills meet our basic requirements for Payment Processing Agent position.

Yours faithfully,

Mark Blackwell
Giant Group Inc.
2010-06-02, 09:37:46
anonymous from United States  
I also received an email yesterday from Kevin Carter from B & S Group, inc. I felt this was a scam and alerted Career Builder of my suspicion. Thank you all for posting your comments. The emails are almost identical to what has been posted from different compaies that you have had correspondence from. Thank you all again.
2010-06-02, 11:48:28
anonymous from United States  
I got this to my email. They obviously got my information that was listen in Career Builder's website as an employer. What tipped me off was that the job was too good to be true. That and using spam as an excuse to use public email service like gmai

E-mail Message:

Assistant manager / United States

Dear <my name here>.

You recently submitted your resume via the website and it was forwarded to me for review in regard to our open assistant manager position. After a thorough inspection, it is my belief that you would be a valuable addition to the workforce at Invest Direct. I would like to take this time to welcome you to our hiring process and give you a brief synopsis of the position’s benefits and requirements.

Occupation: Part-time or Full-time: 5 to 7 hours / day. We can guarantee a minimum 25 hrs/week occupation
Salary: Starting salary is $21 per hour, paid on a bi-weekly basis.
Business hours: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, MON-FRI, your local time.
Region: United States
Area: All

Please note that there are no initial fees or deposits to work with us.

We offer team members flexible full and part time schedule, accommodating telecommuting and in-office assignments, and accessible entry-level positions for recent graduates and those looking to make a career change. Working for us provides employees with a challenging and fast-paced work environment that is sensitive to the needs of its workforce.

If you are interested in learning more and taking this position with us, the next step in our process is completion of our application forms and scheduling an interview. To request an application form and receive more information about this position you have to reply to this email; please make sure that you include your personalized identification tag in the subject line.
Your tag is: INVEST-DIRECT-SRV-APPL-O6XT4CAEU. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to reviewing your application paperwork.

PLEASE NOTE: You have been sent this email because we saw something in your resume that would indicate to us a potential fit for the current position.

Dennis Nelson
HR department.
Invest Direct

You are receiving this employment opportunity e-mail because you uploaded your CV on CareerBuilder. This e-mail is used for hiring procedure only to avoid spam messages.

If your employment status changed or you are not interested in getting these e-mails, you can edit your privacy and communication preferences from your resume by signing in onto http://www.careerbu..nter.aspx

Or you can block this employer from viewing your resume and sending you candidate emails.

This email was sent from Account ID MP63877DLF09X2353F and by this logged in User P03409VSIJGHILJV903

This email was sent by employer from CareerBuilder webpage,
and the substance of this message has been considered and approved by CareerBuilder webpage Integrity Team. Please take into account that current e-mail and any attachments to it may be private and are designed personally for the use of the individual to whom it was concerned. In case you are not the intended receiver of current email, you have to erase it and neither undertake any operation based upon its substance, nor copy or display it to anyone. In case you have questions or commentaries for CareerBuilder, please visit our webpage.
2010-06-02, 12:09:28
anonymous from United Kingdom  
I just had an e mail from the InfoTech Group. What a bunch of pussies... We're all looking for a bloody job...not a load of shit like this.... Lord forgive me for swearing!xA few of you say along the lines of ...'If it looks too probably is...' Not something I'll be forgetting in a hurry after finding this site!
2010-06-02, 18:02:07
anonymous from United States  

Dear Candidate,

After carefully reviewing your resume at, we have decided to offer you a Payment Processing Agent position to fill the vacancy with our company.

My name is Michael J. Brown and I work for EvolvSys Group Inc.
Our company is a widely recognized one which was founded in the USA. We deal mainly within the IT sphere internationally, connecting clients with the most talented and apt personnel.

The opening we have is a part-time position with a flexible schedule. Our simple job requirements include only reliable Internet access and availability by email.

Successful applicants are offered a probationary period (30 days). Every agent gets proper and fully paid training and online support. We assess employees' performance one week prior to the end of their probationary period.
PLEASE NOTE: During the probation contract, termination can be recommended by a supervisor if the employee does not comply with the requirements of the position. Termination pay will be provided, but we will unfortunately be precluded from offering you employment in the future.

Starting pay for this position is $2,300 per month during the probationary period, plus 8% commission for each successfully handled payment. Therefore, it will be in your best interest to perform proper work with each and every client! Total income is approximately $4,500 per month. In addition, after the first thirty days your base salary will be raised to up to $3,000 a month.
NOTE: we may offer you additional work hours after the probationary period is over, and you may have the opportunity to progress to full-time work.

If you are interested in the offer, please contact me with your updated information at for more details.

First name:______________________
Last name:___________________
Country of residence:___________________ Contact phone:_______________ Preferred call time:_______________ _________FORM_______FORM________FORM_________

Our representatives will reply within 48 hours.

We have found your resume at This letter is to confirm that your resume has been duly processed and your skills meet our basic requirements for the Payment Processing opening.


Michael J. Brown
EvolvSys Group Inc.
2010-06-03, 10:44:12   (updated: 2010-06-03, 10:46:02)
anonymous from United States  

To: Careerbuilder <>

Dear Job Seeker,

Upon reviewing your resume on Careerbuilder we have decided to offer you a job opportunity with our company. The job position is for a Payment Manager/Payments Processor in your area with no obligation to relocate.

Job strong-point: commissions without sales.

Job Type:

- Accounting – Finance
- Admin – Clerical
- Customer Service


- Proficiency at using Microsoft Office
- Possibility to check e-mail three times per day
- U.S. citizenship or permanent residence/green card
- Desired education level: High School
- Experience: no requirements
- Required travel: no
- Relocation: no


- Bonuses and commissions for each processed order
- No contact with our customers

Salary and commissions:

- Salary plus commissions: $85,000-$95,000 per year
- Employment type: full-time or part-time

Please contact us by replying to this e-mail if you are interested and we will provide more information.

HR Department

You are receiving this employment opportunity email because you uploaded your resume on CareerBuilder. If your employment status has changed or you no longer wish to receive these emails, you can update your privacy and communication preferences from your resume by logging onto or you can block this employer from viewing your resume and sending you candidate emails.
This email was sent from Account ID F878HO95689/KOA2 and by this logged in User OGHTW25871
You are currently subscribed to receive ' Customer Messages'.
© 5550-A Peachtree Parkway, Suite 200
Norcross GA 30092

2010-06-03, 13:44:17
anonymous from United States  
Hi so when sending your email and phone number to these companies are they able to still your identity or make a bank account under your name and information without your authorization?
2010-06-04, 02:48:41
anonymous from United Kingdom  
After reviewing your resume online, we have decided to invite you to apply to fill our Payment Processing Agent vacancy.

My name is Lauren Clark and I represent NetMarket Group Inc.

Our company is a well-known one. It was founded in the UK and deals mainly with recruitment of IT professionals.

The job we offer is a part-time position with a flexible schedule. On average, the working hours are 2-3 hours a day (Monday through Friday).
Our job requirements: Internet access and e-mail.

Successful applicants are offered a probationary period (30 days). All agents get full training and online support. We evaluate the performance of our employees at least one week prior to the end of their training period. This will give you the chance to improve your attendance or any other aspects of your performance that your supervisor evaluates as needing improvement.

NOTE: During the probationary period termination can be recommended by the supervisor.

The pay is GBP 1,500 per month during the training period + 8% commission from each successfully handled payment. Total income is about GBP 2,500 per month. After the first 30 days your base salary will be increased up to GBP 1,800 a month.
NOTE: After the probationary period you may request additional assignments or request full-time position.

If you are interested in the job, please, contact me at for full details.

First name:______________________
Last name:___________________
Country of residence:___________________
Contact phone:_______________
Preferred catime: _______________

Our representatives will reply within 48 hours.
NOTE: This is not a sales position.


Lauren Clark
NetMarket Group Inc.
2011-09-27, 09:58:38   (updated: 2011-09-27, 10:05:12)
anonymous from United States  
I read some of these posts and was upset to hear that careerbuilder would not respond to these scams! I just received a JOB Offer from Ashely Forest for the position of Assistant Manager. The company was only referrred to as 'the Company'.
I read the disclaimer and found that careerbuilder recommends you send the email to
By no means am I associated w careerbuilder, but to help everyone out . I had to post this,
Career Builder responded within 5 MINUTES and informed me that this was IN FACT a SCAM!
So lets not bash them too much. True, they dont take responsibility to see who places ads or uses their services, BUT THEY DO RESPOND AND FOLLOW UP! Just sayin.

This is the email which I received:

CareerBuilder: Assistant Manager Position    
Dear (My First and Last Name Spelled Correctly).
We are pleased to offer you the position of Assistant Manager for our organization. We are all excited about the potential that you could bring to our company.
At first we would like you to understand orientation of our policy. Our company deals with global consulting, outsourcing and various IT services and maintenance.
using various experience, modern knowledge in the area of industry and extensive research of top businesses, we collaborate with customers of different level to help them to appear top enterprises. Thanks to our industry competence, service-offering skills and technological knowledge we define new trends in business and technology and then work out solutions to assist enterprises worldwide.
Now we would like to offer you the following terms and conditions:
1. Position:
•     You are appointed to the position of Assistant Manager. This is a permanent position.
•     In this assignment of Assistant Manager, your key responsibilities will be to provide customer support, explore different customers` databases, perform administration work, keep record of company’s expenses and analyze fiscal reports and reports of internal use.
2. Remuneration:
•     Your initiant salary is $4,500 per month. Your salary is payable bi-weekly in accordance with the Company’s standard payroll practices.
•     At the beginning you have to undergo the 2-week training period with a salary of $1,800.
•     Your hours of work are based on the normal operating hours of the Company and are expected to be from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday to Friday, with a one hour lunch break.
•     Working with corporate and individual clients we provide unique cooperation possibilities to all the business leaders who are granted an opportunity to take part in supporting large corporate contracts with various bonuses. The bonuses can total several thousand dollars. We also offer remuneration of $5,000 provided monthly as well as individual assistance.
3. Benefits and Pension:
•     As a permanent employee, you will be eligible to participate in the Company`s benefit plans for employees including complete medical and dental coverage, 401k retirement account and vacation and personal days.
In case you are interested please provide the following details:
1. Your country
2. First name and last name
3. Contact phone numbers cell, landline
4. Information about your previous working experience
Please provide letters of recommendation if possible.
In accepting our offer of employment, you certify your understanding that your employment will be on an at-will basis, and that neither yourself nor the Company has entered into a contract regarding the terms or the duration of your employment. As an at-will employee, you will be free to terminate your employment with the Company at any time, with or without cause or advance notice. Likewise, the Company will have the right to reassign you or to terminate your employment at any time, with or without cause or advance notice.
We look forward to welcoming you in our company and are confident that you will play a key role in our company's expansion into national and international markets.
HR Dept.
You are receiving this employment opportunity email because you uploaded your resume on CareerBuilder.
If your employment status has changed or you no longer wish to receive these emails, you can update your privacy and communication preferences from your resume by logging onto

Or you can Block this employer from viewing your resume and sending you candidate emails.

This email was sent from Account ID OBGR1Z3A28B1M2AVO93 and by this logged in User NKCMAKTRAGJ335R9Y5G
Please be aware that the content of this email has not been reviewed or approved by CareerBuilder and is in no way endorsed by CareerBuilder. You are solely responsible for any response you choose to provide to this email and you do so at your own risk. If you have questions regarding the legitimacy of the position being offered please contact the CareerBuilder Trust and Site Security Team by submitting your inquiry to: Please also review common scams and tips for protecting yourself on CareerBuilder's Fraud Page. If you have questions or comments for and CareerBuilder, please use our feedback form.

2011-09-28, 05:23:05
2011-09-30, 06:15:32
A gang of crooks is recruiting people with fake job offers (‘Financial Forwarding Coordinator’ or ‘Independent Agent’). They will probably send you an email, ask you to go to their website, and ask for your bank account number. Beware! They will not keep any of their promises, and they will rip you off.

In the US, those crooks are using the names

Artistification Group LLC,
Contemp Group Ltd,
Fairy International Group,
Fineart Group LLC,
Fremy Group Inc,
Grand Art Group,
Land Art Inc,
Maxus Group,
Pythagoras LLC,
Scar Bei Group Ltd,
ShipFort Ltd,
Trans Sac Ltd,
VeryComp LLC,
Vesta Art Ltd, and
Mornwards Art Ltd.

In the United Kingdom - UK, they are using the names

Art Formula Ltd,
Bild Antique,
Finell Art Ltd,
GoldMine Art,
Mount LLC,
Oust-art Ltd.

Here’s a list of made-up names that these scammers are using. If ever you hear from them, don’t reply.

Melissa Brooks, Mornwards Art Ltd
Mary Talban, Artistification Group LLC
Vivian Hackler, Pythagoras LLC
Jessica Green, Vesta Art Ltd.
Richard Harris, Art Formula Ltd
Grace Foster, Bild Antique
Andrew Price, Mount LLC
Melanie Howard, Grand Art Group

Most of the time, they are looking for ‘money mules.’ In this scam, they send stolen money to your bank account, and you transfer the funds to someone in another country. When the bank finds out you did this, they will freeze your account and tell all the other banks that you’re a crook. So you won’t be able to get another bank account. But you won’t need a bank account when you’re in jail for money-laundering.

Other times, it’s a ‘reshipper’ scam. They purchase items with a stolen credit card, and mail it to you. They ask you to reship it out of the US, and they promise to pay you. But they never get around to paying you.

They have another type of scam, where they are looking for people with existing eBay accounts. They use your account to offer stuff for sale on eBay. They convince the buyer to pay outside of eBay, but they don’t send any merchandise to the buyer. So the buyer complains to eBay, the reputation of your eBay account is damaged, and you don’t get paid.
2011-10-01, 11:36:42
anonymous from United States  
Those crooks are now using the made-up names Emilie Rogers (Fairy International Group), Jack Foster (Oust-art Ltd), and Caroline Hills(ArtPower Ltd).

They are recruiting 'eBay sellers' on various freelancer forums, to include,, and There are looking for victims with an 'unlimited verified Paypal account.'

They are now operating as 'E-Market Trading'. They claim to be located in the UK. They say that they'd like to recruit 'Financial Forwarding Coordinators' in the US, the UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain.
2011-10-03, 16:26:49
anonymous from United States  
thanks for taking the time to write and post, sorry for what happened to you, just looking for a job like i am and then this happens. the banks need to take care of this and job sites should get better contact info. on employers inorder to catch crooks.
2011-10-05, 10:58:33
anonymous from United States  
Thanks guys, this was a hugh help to me!!!
2011-10-05, 18:05:13
anonymous from United States  
Those crooks are now operating as 'Click n Art Ltd', 'Compass LLC' and 'LINK LLC.' They claim to be in the business of buying and selling original art online. But their only business is ripping you off.
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