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Another dating / chat scam - USA/ Nigeria connection


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Last week I got contacted via my profile on a dating web site. The person had a temporary profile only with no picture posted and sent me a one-liner including her yahoo address and she asked me to add her on the yahoo messenger.

I was bored so I fulfilled her request.

Her profile had said she was from Illinois, USA. I live in California. Once we chat on Y! messenger, she says she just left Madrid/ Spain and is in West Africa now.

Supposedly she works for a diamond company which is owned by her step dad. She lives with her daughter since her husband (or kids father, I do not recall) left her after the kid was born. Here are her photos - I am not quite sure that they are really HER photos:

She also tells me that she is on bad terms with her step dad since he asked her for sex. (If that's her real photos, I might ask her for sex also.)
During the chat she was kind of evasive, did not answer my questions but instead asked me questions herself. After about 30 minutes she said she'd have to leave West Africa soon and wants to come to the Bay Area (which is why she had written me) and whether she could stay at my place for a week or two until she had gotten herself a place.

She wanted to see photos of my house (I mailed her two).

During the following week we briefly chatted maybe 3 times. No deep conversation, this woman does not spell well, and obviously does half a dozen chats parallel.

I asked her to visit a web site that I host so that I could trap her IP number. It was

I used two different tools (web sites) to identify the location she was coming from. Most web sites reported this IP as in London, UK. One web site located it as CAPE GIRARDEAU, MISSOURI.

If you ever want to do this kind of check, grab the IP number from email headers and use a web site like on it. You need to make your email program or web client display all headers, to see the 'Originating IP'. Yahoo's email client offers this. I do not know about AOL or hotmail.

She claims to be on AOL (which I found strange, does AOL offer service in West Africa?)

Yesterday she started talking how her step-dad does not send the money he is supposed to send. A kind of allowance instead of a paycheck. Don't ask me for an explanation of this concept.

I did not like to hear her talk about bills that she cannot pay. I'm kind of allergic to this talk when I know a person from 60 minutes of chatting only :-)

Anyway, today she asked me directly to Western Union her the money, $750. As I am posting this, I am still chatting with her. A copy of today's chat is below.

(myself): hello?
Joy Johnson: i was unable to get u the number cos the phone network was bad
Joy Johnson: i was thinking of geting my self a foone
(myself): is it worth it when you're leaving soon?
Joy Johnson: No...thats the problem
(myself): can you do me a favor? Click on this?
(myself): and then, what's the prob - you cannot leave?
Joy Johnson: i dont understand this whole thing
(myself): what thing?
Joy Johnson: what u talking about]
Joy Johnson: the webpage
(myself): oh
Joy Johnson: or what?
(myself): i didn't meant that you actually read it 
(myself): i just wanted to see if it loads properly now

(myself): sorry
Joy Johnson: ok
(myself): are you home?
(myself): i mean.. in the hotel
Joy Johnson: hotel
Joy Johnson: yeah.i just wsanted to know if u will be sending me some cash
(myself): how?
Joy Johnson: western union ....u know any western union around u
(myself): and which w.u. are you at?
(myself): do i need a city/ office number?
Joy Johnson: No u dont i will give u the whole infou need
Joy Johnson: you can send the money in the hotels managers name
(myself): well, what's the hotel's name then? and/or the manager's name
(myself): sorry for the huge font
Joy Johnson: Receivers Name:Mercy Gray
Address:12 hotel road.
Zipcode/city code:23401
Western union security question and answer:
Qfavourite colour
Joy Johnson: Receivers Name:Mercy Gray
Address:12 hotel road.
Zipcode/city code:23401
Western union security question and answer:

Qfavourite colour
A: Pink
Joy Johnson: thats the ifo
(myself): ok
Joy Johnson: info
Joy Johnson: do u know western union agent location
(myself): here in my area?
(myself): not from the top of my head
Joy Johnson: u
(myself): i need to look
Joy Johnson: u can give me your address i will find one for u
(myself): don't worry
(myself): i can find it
Joy Johnson: how will u do that
(myself): google
(myself): so how do i know you are really joy johnson
and not just someone making up things?
Joy Johnson: Babe can u just trust me and u see me once i get

to the bay area cos i will foward u my flight info
(myself): how much $ do you need anyway?
Joy Johnson: :$750
(myself): what is the company's name that you work for?
Joy Johnson: i told u yesterday united gemstones.........u dont 
need it to send it ok
Joy Johnson: babe trust me
(myself): oh right, i could not find anything on the web 
about 'united gemstones' either, but they are in Lagos, maybe that helps
Joy Johnson: dont worry just to western union agent location
Joy Johnson: ok
Joy Johnson: what cirt are u in the bay area
(myself): capitola
Joy Johnson: ok.hold
Joy Johnson: is this ur zip code 95010 
Joy Johnson: ???
Joy Johnson: joyee201: is this ur zip code 95010 
joyee201: ???
Joy Johnson: are u there???
(myself): yes
(myself): 95010
Joy Johnson: ok
Joy Johnson: 1475 41ST AVENUE   
Joy Johnson: do u know this address
(myself): Sorry Joy, I just don't believe that you are in 
Lagos, Nigeria. I think you're in London, England
Joy Johnson: peter u r so funny
(myself): and yes, that Western Union on 41st Avenue is only 
a few minutes from me.. what's funny?
Joy Johnson: cos u said i am in england....maybe next year i should 
go to london
Joy Johnson: u mean u have that location close to u
Joy Johnson: ????
(myself): yes, that western union.. maybe a quarter 
mile from my house
(myself): i know it
Joy Johnson: babe i think it will be better u send the money
now because of the time difference
(myself): no way.. you need to give me some reason to believe 
you.. I mean.. I WANT to believe you.. but there's evidence that you
 are not in Nigeria, sorry
(myself): give me one reason that shows me you're  really over 
there and not in the UK or somewhere in the USA
Joy Johnson: the one reason is that am going to pick
 the money up myself
(myself): i need to know a bit more about you
Joy Johnson: u did already......dont be silly peter....dont tell
 me u dont know the first thing about me
Joy Johnson: 
(myself): not really that much.. you've got a daughter, work
 for united gemstones, stepfather is your boss (right?), doesn't 
send you money (allowance instead of paycheck - strange concept),
 you recently came from Barcelona/ Spain to Lagos/ Nigeria
(myself): did i forget anything?
Joy Johnson: No.....what else peter....cant u just trust me for
 .... i will never disappoint u
(myself): why do you stay in Lagos if you don't get paid anyway?
Joy Johnson: i dont stay here,am heree temporary cos my step dad wants
me there......its not want i want,i just have to
Joy Johnson: peter
Joy Johnson: If I ever saw an angel, it was in your eyes
(myself): hm, that's a nice one
(myself): did my eyes reflect and you saw yourself?
(myself): i've got an idea
(myself): is the 750 for the hotel?
Joy Johnson: eah
Joy Johnson: yeah
Joy Johnson: Jede Minute, die ich mit Ihnen aufwende, ist wie Sein im 
Himmel und das Schauen in den Augen eines Engels
Joy Johnson: u know thats the truth
(myself): i could make a credit card payment to that hotel to 
cover your bill
Joy Johnson: no....u cant...cos the whole of 750 is not for the hotel
Joy Johnson: ok....u just have to rush to western union....ok
Joy Johnson: do u have he info writen down
Joy Johnson: ??????
(myself): i cannot leave right now
(myself): i'm waiting for someone
(myself): it's 6:15pm
(myself): they're probably closed already anyway
Joy Johnson: no they close for 7pm....u can just rush ok....peter 
do this for me now
Joy Johnson: ok.....i can get everything cleared tomorrow morning
Joy Johnson: it will only take 7mins or less for western union to 
send the money
(myself): my friend is on the way right now
Joy Johnson: it dosent matter.since u r not going to take more than 
10mins in western union...he can just wait for u
Joy Johnson: PLEASE
Joy Johnson: RITE AID #5966
1475 41ST AVENUE   
Tuesday 8:00am - 9:00pm 
Joy Johnson: u can just rush down and you wont take much time
Joy Johnson: PLEASE
(myself): I know the place, I go there twice a week.. 
(myself): why not a credit card payment?
Joy Johnson: it cant be sent
Joy Johnson: just go ok...for me peter
(myself): what is the $ for if not for the hotel?
Joy Johnson: for the hotel bill ,transportation cost.....
and medical checkup because of the weather here
Joy Johnson: ok.babe just try and go huh
(myself): nah, i don't feel as if i could quite trust 
you yet
Joy Johnson: matbe u will trust me and more about me,as
 soon as i get to the state
Joy Johnson: and peter if u say u dont trust me yet i understand
......but u just have to consider my situation and me myself i
 promise never to let u down
Joy Johnson: Promise
Joy Johnson: are u there???
(myself): yes
(myself): phone
(myself): look
Joy Johnson: look what???
(myself): according to my info you're either in
 Cape Missouri or London
(myself): and you give me absolutely no reason why
 i should believe that you're in lagos

(myself): not even a hotel's name
(myself): or a phone #
Joy Johnson: ay hotels.....manager s # (+234)8053601940
Joy Johnson: +234 country phone  code
Joy Johnson: what about this
Joy Johnson: ???
(myself): yeah?
Joy Johnson: didu get it
(myself): the number is busy
(myself): which room are you in?
Joy Johnson: busy...maybe its the network
Joy Johnson: executive room 1
Joy Johnson: ok
Joy Johnson: did u call d # again
(myself): that number is in Lagos?
Joy Johnson: yeah
(myself): area code is 805 ?
(myself): because i thought Lagos is area code 1
(myself): sweety, you need to improve
Joy Johnson: for landlines i think
Joy Johnson: 01 is for the land lines....the number i 
gave u is a mobile # peter
Joy Johnson: thats why u need the +234 b4 dailing 8053601940
Joy Johnson: ok
Joy Johnson: peter can u tell me whats on your mind
Joy Johnson: cos........its like u dont even want
 to take me for my words
Joy Johnson: Why?
(myself): sorry
Joy Johnson: u not answering me
(myself): my friend was at the door
(myself): joy i need to go now
(myself): i cannot call that number again, my friend and i are going out
Joy Johnson: ok
(myself): i'll try in a few hours when i'm back
Joy Johnson: ok
(myself): see, i need to verify that what you tell me
 is true.. ideally also that you are really that hot chick in 
those photos, but that's probably impossible to prove
Joy Johnson: lol......why not
(myself): hm, can you mail another photo of yourself?
Joy Johnson: believe me or noy ,its joy in the pic
(myself): well, are YOU Joy then?
Joy Johnson: i will............will u send on ur way back
(myself): bye-bye
Joy Johnson: bye-bye

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2006-12-17, 15:28:00 from United States  
Scam! Anytiome you see the location lagos or even nigeria its rotten to the core. Noone this good looking would ever have that problem....think about it man.
2006-12-18, 08:55:59
anonymous from Canada  
2006-12-18, 08:57:45
anonymous from Canada is her id......oh and she has this one made for her and my how sweet of her to do this. this chick was in love with my friend the first night of chatting.
2006-12-18, 12:33:22 from United States  
Give her the link to this site and let her read the posts...then it might sink in.
2006-12-19, 11:24:16
anonymous from United States  
Well - Im a web developer and use all the location tricks.... truth is the email headers are NOT smoking gun locators, as there are plenty of tools to mask or proxie the email systems that finally send you an email.... some of the scams will even be from the states, propagating the money transfers to Nigeria. $100 is about 50,000 X's in nigeria, and about 3 months of poverty pay. all of these scams are well organized. about 60% of all dating profiles are indeed scam girls and guys.

dont waste your time yearning over a scam profile.... there are some good ways to tell right from the get go....

1 - if its an adult site and all you see are tits, chances are its a scam profile

2 - when you see a photo of a woman or man .... ask yourself if 'this is a professional photo'... its easy.. pro photos are always crystal clear, with no shadows.... shodowless photos are always scam girls....

3 - if they send you a photo and its small 7K or 10K - almost like a thumbnail - chances are very good its a scam girl, as most of the scam chatters are dialed in on old and slow computers..... uploading is too slow, so the chatters have a suite of tiny photos they send..... the organization cuts doen on connect charges that way.

4 - if you are chatting - dont inquire or ask questions of them.... let them attack you with their scam rather than working up to it... they wont chat with you unless they can get the scam set up....

5 - the second Africa comes up - realize its a scam.

6 - You may want to include in your own dating profile that you are not interested in anyone overseas...this would at least filter out the scammers that actually read your profile...

7 - if your dating site has a way for you to see who is looking at your profile, you will find that most of the scammers did not even load your profile page when you sent them a note.... its a reflex to just go into email or chat mode... leaving the dating site as the catalyst.

8 - most of the scammers use Yahoo.... so any yahoo address sent as part of a response can act as one of the first indicators that its a scam starting out...

9 - when chatting, notice some of the 'chat semantics' that are most common...
using 'cos' or 'coz' instead of 'because' is a good indicator - or an expletive of 'as well' instead of 'also'.... the words 'GOD FEARING' in profiles is also an indicator... they use this to hopefully find someone gullible...

10 - they are chatting with many people at the same time, and sending emails (level 1 level 2) and attachments, so the chat behavior is always erratic, with long pauses, especially when you ask critical questions.

11 - some of the showstoppers you can use is to demand that they have the hotel scan in a copy of their passport (WHICH IS USUALLY BEING HELD BY THE MGR).... They wont have a legit passport photo on the one they send you... ask them to include any visas. If you get these you will find that the image has been totally altered by a paint program (as I said many of these are well organized)

12 - when you block them in Yahoo.... be sure you dont 'appear permanently offline' to them.... this way you at least waste their time always trying to chase you down to no avail.

13 - also when you block them send them a final email that makes them believe you are ready to help them.... this way the waste more time following you up.

14 - check out the times they send the email or ask you to add them to your yahoo.... its always early in the morning because of the time difference....

15 - Western Union and Moneygram have different requirements, and do not always enforce the 'intended city' you prescribe on their forms (paper and web)... so you can send money to Susan Jones in Chicago, IL....... and it can be picked up elsewhere.

16 - Guys.... before you drop hundreds of dollars because some dating service scammmer got to your wallet.... consider calling a local escort service and get some real head..... after spending on that you wont be able to afford to send money to nigeria....and you'll feel alot better too.

if you founf this helpful send me an email.....
2006-12-20, 10:45:40
anonymous from United States  
the logical progression of interaction in a dating site is as follows

1 - you see a profile and you send a message - or you get a message of interest in you

2 - contact should then move to either email (your email not your dating site) or a chat like Y!Messenger. Once in this mode.... if the location their profile mentioned (a US city) is NOT where they now say they are in.... end it there... dont waste your time..90% its a scam. Try to get them on a webcam.... most scammers wont use a webcam... so a webcam is a pretty good indicator that it is someone real. Ask them to show you their local phone book cover on the cam.... this would be a great indication that they are real.

3 - your objective is to now move to the telephone.. only dial US numbers (with no pay area codes like 900).... CAUTION - when dialing an international number... you could be dialing a pay per call number without knowing could find a $25 or even $50 charge on your phone bill. If they want to call you...let them... but remember getting their USA number is still your objective... so work towards that...(some people wont give their number for personal reasons like husbands boyfriends etc...if this is cool with you...understand thats the issue...but remember it may still be a scam)

4 - once a few calls have taken place.... do a usmail exchange or a flower that means work to get their address (same personal reasons may still apply to this)

5 - when arranging a meeting..... since you may want to pay their airfare....its a domestic flight. Book it by telephone, and understand that they are non refundable....however if they dont show or miss the flight you can usually use the credit for another flight for a small fee. You can also have them pick up the tickets.... (they need smokin gun ID to do that) as well you will need all their info just to book it in their name.... so ask for this before you even start shoppin for flights. If they are real they will understand this and give you everything you need... during this step... good fakers are in the mix.... whereas they have US contacts to facilitate your 'investigation'.... and at the last minute they will inform you that for some crazy REASON they need to go to Nigeria. Game over !

this process happens almost everytime there is reality from a dating sure that your candidates fit this process. If you are indeed looking for a foreign bride... then you should understand that process. Your candidate needs to send you all sorts of identifying info as well as a ton of notarized clearances....just for you to even do your first paperwork for a K1 or K3 visa. such as

Copy of passport and all visas
Notarized Police Records
Notarized Birth Certificate
Notarized Medical clearance for SARS and AIDS,HIV
Notarized school records
Notarized Marriage records and Divorce records or decrees including names and addresses of the former spouses.
Notarized birth certificates of all children they are responsible for
Names and birth dates of both birth parents
Names and addresses and dates of all employment for the past 10 years
Addresses of all residents in the past 10 years


since this is alot of stuff... the notarization of each carries fees.... this opens you up for the scammers again... in that your candidate will need the money to get this stuff for you. Im not saying that any request for money for this is a scam...indeed they really may need the money and they really will get it... They should know they need this and those who cannot provide it should NOT be considered as your candidate. (ie a clean police report is needed, any blemishes will most likely fail them on a visa petition)

You need to meet them in person in order to even get them a visa... so deal with this AFTER you fly to them and spend a week or two.. (TAKE LOTS OF PHOTOS IN DIFFERENT DRESS WHEN YOU ARE THERE...YOU NEED THEM FOR THE VISA TO PROVE YOU HAVE MET)

Im getting off scam topic here... so email me if you need more info.
2006-12-22, 08:15:54
anonymous from Canada  
2006-12-23, 22:02:16
nony mouse from United Kingdom  
Great advice from Greg_Rule :)

I look at their yahoo nick/name
Then the info. You can bet your cotton socks theres no profile details or its very recent.
Then just take a toot at the spelling and grammar.
Whenever they can get past that just wait for the storyline.
Try the webcam.
By this time you should be able to ascertain their IP# after you have added them. I use GAIM - Click the info button. Bet on a localised router.

Its about time yahoo started banning ip blocks from West africa. No, better still, we should send in troops to round them up for resettlement in central sahara.
Its also about time ppl grews brains! Proof ppl are stupid comes from who's in power now!

Am I the sickest dude here? I have yahoo messenger to give them hell and they still keep on coming back for more. hehehe
2006-12-25, 06:48:48
anonymous from United States  
I was recently scammed by this woman. She goes by the name of Kelly Matins. She showed up a few days ago on the dating website, but all of a sudden her photos were deleted and now no longer are accessible. Her Yahoo Messenger is Kelly Matins, but her e-mail is Her photos are not big, incredibly small as if she just randomly copied and pasted. When I asked for a real photo she wouldn't send one, saying she didn't have a good camera. How the hell can you fly to Nigeria from Jamaica Queens, NY but not have a decent camera to take pictures with. Anyway, she claims that her father died, but once talking to her that she is madly in love with me and wants to fly to see me, but has financial problems. That is when I really feel scammed, I was aware of the Nigeria thing, but I was being gullible at the time, being my own love fool, but I am glad I caught on. Her speech is horrible. For someone born and raised in the states she writes like a foreigner and her grammer is worse than a 5 year old. Her ethnic background doesn't check out as she flip flops between stories. Watch out for this woman or 'it.' Watch out and stay aware. Happy holidays.
This image was also posted here:
Another dating / chat scam - USA/ Nigeria connection

2006-12-25, 06:52:29
anonymous from United States  
This is the same women as above, Kelly Matins, but she has also gone by the name of Paloma Alfered, Paloma Sweet, and countless other names. She claims to have family in Nigeria, that her father just passed away. Don't fall for it.
This image was also posted here:
Another dating / chat scam - USA/ Nigeria connection

2006-12-25, 06:57:01
anonymous from United States  
This is the above mentioned scammers profile on Singlesnet, see picture are unable to viewed, suspicious I think so, I notified the site.

2006-12-25, 12:22:53
anonymous from United States  
Show Recent Messages (F3)
(here's a conversation I was able to hold on to from today after finding out about her trueself, so full of lies, makes me want to throw up!)

kelly_matins2001: love,i wonder why your are sounding funny,bcso i was online through yesterday just to talk to u but is so unfortunate that i couldn't hear a word from u,i aqm all alone thinking about u this xmas and i wonder where u are when i was online waiting for u,.i love u with all my heart and i wonder why u're still have nagetive thought about me.......hope to hear u soon.
kelly_matins2001: hello love
me: I want to believe you, but I cannot. I have the facts in front of me.
me: I am sorry, but it is not going to work out.
kelly_matins2001: so what is the fact
me: Try another gullible person.
kelly_matins2001: okiay
kelly_matins2001: u've hurt my feelings
kelly_matins2001: and i can't forget this in
me: You hurt mine.
kelly_matins2001: how u did
kelly_matins2001: i have never love any body the way i love u
me: What do you want from me really? If it is money, I am not sending any.
kelly_matins2001: but u think am kind of those u are talking about
kelly_matins2001: i dont need your money
me: Why do you talk like that anyway. On your profile it says you went to college in New Mexico, why can't you talk clearly?
kelly_matins2001: how do u want me to talk again
kelly_matins2001: what else do u want to know about me
me: Like I do, spelling correctly, using proper grammar.
kelly_matins2001: like what
me: Okay you never told me how your father died in Nigeria.
kelly_matins2001: all i need is somebody that we love me for whom i am
me: I mean out of all the countries, why Nigeria? Coincidence, I think not.
kelly_matins2001: he had an accident
me: No one is going to love a scam artist.
kelly_matins2001: i understand u
kelly_matins2001: this is the reason why i have to live this country
me: But you are from NY, why don't you just go back home?
kelly_matins2001: bcos i am not enjoying what am seen around here
kelly_matins2001: that is what am trying to do
me: And as from the pictures you sent me, you stole them from some website or modeling agency and I don't even know what you really look like.
kelly_matins2001: is that what u're thinking
me: And your profile on Singlesnet doesn't even show your past photos anymore. You have other names that you go by, I know them, don't lie to me. I wasn't born yesterday.
kelly_matins2001: u're very wrong
me: Yeah, right, I don't want to waste my time.
kelly_matins2001: okay if u wanna go ,u can go
me: So tell me this, how do you expect to leave Nigeria, tell me? I am not sending any money.
me: No, I thought you said you love, ready to give up so soon? I knew you were lying.
me: Where are you really from, if you tell me the truth, the real truth, I won't be so upset.
kelly_matins2001: am not lying to u
me: So what is your real job?
kelly_matins2001: but this can be hard to belive
kelly_matins2001: presently i dont have any job
me: What do you do for a living?
me: But on your profile it says you work for an advertising agency, all of a sudden you are fired? Tell the truth!
me: God damn it! I want honesty but you keep feeding me lies, please, I just want the truth.
kelly_matins2001: yes ,i was working with advertising agency
me: I am a nice guy, but I hate liars, I am not going to do anything to you, just tell the truth to me, please.
kelly_matins2001: but i quit
me: Why quit when you are stuck in Nigeria?
me: It doesn't make any sense.
me: Please, the truth, that's it. I am not like the rest, I am different, I won't get upset if you tell me the truth.
kelly_matins2001: okay if u didn't belive me then this is not gonna work out between us
me: I know that not everyone has it easy.
me: I want things to work out, I want to help you, but I need the truth, no lies.
kelly_matins2001: notting else to tell
me: Okay so what time is it in Nigeria, right now?
kelly_matins2001: i can't lies to u
me: You write more like a Nigerian than an American, I am a real American and your English is bad.
kelly_matins2001: 7.20pm
me: But I am a person so talk to me not as a possible money source.
kelly_matins2001: please belive me
me: Okay, say I believe you, hypothetically of course. How do you expect to see me or even come back to the US if you have no job.
kelly_matins2001: i have some money with me but is not enogh not that i dont have money
me: Well I guess you don't have enough to come home now do you, not a very smart plan.
kelly_matins2001: am not asking any favour from u
me: What do you want then?
kelly_matins2001: i knew how i got hear
kelly_matins2001: here
kelly_matins2001: all i want is caring
kelly_matins2001: i want somebody that i can spend my life with
me: I do care about you, not as strongly as before because to be honest I still feel like I am being fooled, but as another human being I care about you. After all it is Christmas.
kelly_matins2001: so if u are not ready to be with me let me know
me: The question is are you ready to be with me?
kelly_matins2001: bcos all this questions is geting me upset
kelly_matins2001: everthing is depend on u
me: I am not trying to upset you but if you can't answer my questions you are hiding something, you can ask me anything and I will answer you.
kelly_matins2001: i dont have anything to ask u again ,untill when am with u
me: And when is that going to happen?
kelly_matins2001: then i can ask u anything i wanna know
me: Yes, anything that you want to know about me.
kelly_matins2001: yes
kelly_matins2001: i have to go now
kelly_matins2001: bcos am confuse
me: You have to leave, but it is only 7Pm in Nigeria, isn't that too early?
me: If you leave now, we are done forever.
me: You are not going to make me wait another day
kelly_matins2001: and u've hurt my feelings
me: And you are playing with mine.
me: If you love me you will ask of me what you want.
me: I spent the entire day yesterday waiting to talk to you, the whole day! I was so depressed when you never showed up.
kelly_matins2001: i don't need anything from am man that didn't trust me
me: I don't need anything from a woman who gives up too soon.
kelly_matins2001: u're making me runing away from u
me: You want me to stop asking questions.
kelly_matins2001: i was online yesterday
me: Okay, so if I stop asking questions will you be happy?
kelly_matins2001: waiting for u
kelly_matins2001: i didn't say that
me: Okay dear, let's pause for a moment.
kelly_matins2001: so what are your plan for me
kelly_matins2001: are u goin
me: I like you because we can talk, but I am scared.
me: No, I am still here, I don't want to leave you.
kelly_matins2001: have told u that i am not who u think i am
me: Okay
me: So where do you live in NY?
kelly_matins2001: q
kelly_matins2001: queens
me: What part of Queens
kelly_matins2001: queens village
me: How do you get from Queens to Manhattan?
me: That is an easy question, you don't know?
kelly_matins2001: is that a test or what
me: Only a real New Yorker would know the answer to that.
kelly_matins2001: i knew but i won't tell u
me: If you don't know tell me, because I know you are not from NY.
me: You don't know because you have never been to NY.
kelly_matins2001: is that what u think
kelly_matins2001: y're wrong
me: Yes, because you should have answered my question easily.
kelly_matins2001: i knew that but am not ganna answer u
kelly_matins2001: u didn't belive me then
me: It is so easy! But you don't know the answer. I am sorry honey, but you say you are from Queens and you don't know the answer to such an easy question like that, than you are just lying to me.
me: Tell me what you think the answer is and I will believe everything you told me before.
kelly_matins2001: my father has been working in nigeria for about 15year now and that is where he live
kelly_matins2001: okay i took a taxi from my house
me: Wrong answer
kelly_matins2001: u think so
me: Why hide telling me that you take a taxi to Manhattan?
me: If you take a taxi how much is the cab fare?
kelly_matins2001: $10
me: Are you kidding me?!
me: $10 wouldn't even get you near the bridge!
me: You aren't for real. Don't try to con a New Yorker.
kelly_matins2001: am also pulling u
kelly_matins2001: i knew that but i just wanna hear what u willm say to that
kelly_matins2001: okay i think i have to go
kelly_matins2001: and i would have love to talk to u on phone
me: You leave, I have no time for liars, you are such a lying bitch whoever you are.
me: I am not giving you my phone number!
kelly_matins2001: i dont need it
me: You lied to me, I told you to be honest with me but you just slapped my face.
kelly_matins2001: and u can hyave mine also
kelly_matins2001: but when i back
kelly_matins2001: bye
me: Don't bother writingback, its over, I have what I need.
kelly_matins2001: but when u later know the real about me
me: Whatever Paloma
kelly_matins2001: u will surely regret this
me: Or whatever your real name is.
kelly_matins2001: okay
me: Why will I regret this?
kelly_matins2001: have a nice xmas
me: I am, thank you, you too.
kelly_matins2001: i dont have to tell u
kelly_matins2001: i will be in new yrk on the 28th
me: But I am not in NY.
kelly_matins2001: i knew
me: How does that benefit me?
kelly_matins2001: even if u're ican't find u
kelly_matins2001: bcos iam a liar
me: You admit it.
kelly_matins2001: that is what u think i am
kelly_matins2001: but am not
me: but you just said 'bcos iam a liar'
me: So if you were with me, what would you do?
kelly_matins2001: i left new york since when i finished college and i finished my high school in nigeria here
kelly_matins2001: and i wanna come back home
kelly_matins2001: and find a lover
me: So you that is what you want, you want a lover?
kelly_matins2001: and when i meet u i though u're
kelly_matins2001: the right guy for me
kelly_matins2001: but u are not
kelly_matins2001: thanks
kelly_matins2001: for knowing u
me: I am not in it for sex
kelly_matins2001: i am a virgin
kelly_matins2001: i have never in my life sleep with a man before
me: You are 26, you look like a supermodel and you are a virgin, I doubt that.
kelly_matins2001: and i have never love a man the way i love u
me: Why do you love me?
kelly_matins2001: that is the throught
kelly_matins2001: i belive u're the perfect guy for me
kelly_matins2001: i have to go bcso the more i talk is the more i regret know u
me: So you still want to see me, but when?
kelly_matins2001: have a nice day
me: I love you
kelly_matins2001: u don't
me: I said I love you as a human being
kelly_matins2001: okay thanks and bye
me: Tell me then, when will you come to see me?
kelly_matins2001: i told u that i love tom celebrate my new year in the state
kelly_matins2001: but u're not encorage me
kelly_matins2001: thanks bye
me: So if I came to NY before I leave on the 2nd, do you want to meet up?
me: We could meet somewhere in the city.
kelly_matins2001: okay
kelly_matins2001: but i can't find u
me: Give me your phone number and I will call you.
kelly_matins2001: thanks u are not helping me
kelly_matins2001: i can't bcos u don't trust me
kelly_matins2001: bye
me: So I guess you don't want to see me?
kelly_matins2001: i wan't to but u're not encorage me
me: Let me encourage you.
kelly_matins2001: can u make me get back home
me: Are you there?

This image was also posted here:
Another dating / chat scam - USA/ Nigeria connection

2006-12-27, 05:34:58
anonymous from Italy  
This may be one for the history books also. She says her name is Sarah and she has Nigerian and British parents.

She has called me, also had the Hotel manager in Nigeria call me and can never be clear about whats going on. Transfer's via Western Union was discussed. I directed her to this website and since then she has been quiet.

I wonder if there is a scam involved??????? :-)
This image was also posted here:
Another dating / chat scam - USA/ Nigeria connection

2006-12-28, 04:34:46
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Hi, I am a male based in London, I recently had this conversation with a girl I met on a singles site through Yahoo Messenger, do u think its a scam?
jessica4realuv_2002: do you know what is my problem now i have get rich and i know you will help me to get up to make my gold
jessica4realuv_2002: yeah and mean too
jessica4realuv_2002: do you really bank in london
jessica4realuv_2002: ?
alexstrong: yes
alexstrong: I bank in London
jessica4realuv_2002: what is the name of the bank you use in lonodon
alexstrong: HSBC
jessica4realuv_2002: tell me the fun mean of hsbc?
alexstrong: Honkong and Shangai Banking Corporation
jessica4realuv_2002: ok
jessica4realuv_2002: tell me can i transfer my mom bank insurance money to you bcos i want to come and meet you and the money is read to transfer to me but i have no london account to get bcos the bank is in uk dublin
alexstrong: yeah, sure
jessica4realuv_2002: ok
jessica4realuv_2002: give me the full information of ur credit card issue by the bank provided?
alexstrong: Do u want the account number of the bank or the credit card number?
jessica4realuv_2002: the credit bank bill information
alexstrong: dont understand
jessica4realuv_2002: bcos the refil it what is the credit limit of the credit card
alexstrong: oh, ok
jessica4realuv_2002: what is the name of the bank issue the credit card
alexstrong: HSBC
jessica4realuv_2002: and bank address ?
alexstrong: Canary Wharf, London
jessica4realuv_2002: route number and credit card number
alexstrong: ok
jessica4realuv_2002: what is the address
alexstrong: HSBC building, Canary Wharf, London E14
jessica4realuv_2002: holder's name of the card
jessica4realuv_2002: credit card
alexstrong: isnt it risky for me just to give out my CC number on the Internet?
jessica4realuv_2002: you need to know i can do anything with ur credit card just have the trust bcos i want to transfer my mom money with trust i have for you and the money will be send to ur credit card with the limit of the credit every two days to complete my mom money transfer then i will come over there to get it when i see you have been send the m,oney ?
alexstrong: OK, but I dont really understand
jessica4realuv_2002: just know the money will transfer to ur credit card bt refiling it and i will like you to know the amount of money inside it soe there will no be misunderstand about the money bcos i know nothing will happen tour money
jessica4realuv_2002: send me the name of the holder credit card ?
This image was also posted here:
Dating scam artist Sindy Becky Green in Ashley, Ohio (Lagos, Nigeria)

2006-12-28, 07:56:54
anonymous from United States  
This is where all your money is going.Its all an illusion-none of its real.
This image was also posted here:
Another dating / chat scam - USA/ Nigeria connection

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