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Another dating / chat scam - USA/ Nigeria connection


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Last week I got contacted via my profile on a dating web site. The person had a temporary profile only with no picture posted and sent me a one-liner including her yahoo address and she asked me to add her on the yahoo messenger.

I was bored so I fulfilled her request.

Her profile had said she was from Illinois, USA. I live in California. Once we chat on Y! messenger, she says she just left Madrid/ Spain and is in West Africa now.

Supposedly she works for a diamond company which is owned by her step dad. She lives with her daughter since her husband (or kids father, I do not recall) left her after the kid was born. Here are her photos - I am not quite sure that they are really HER photos:

She also tells me that she is on bad terms with her step dad since he asked her for sex. (If that's her real photos, I might ask her for sex also.)
During the chat she was kind of evasive, did not answer my questions but instead asked me questions herself. After about 30 minutes she said she'd have to leave West Africa soon and wants to come to the Bay Area (which is why she had written me) and whether she could stay at my place for a week or two until she had gotten herself a place.

She wanted to see photos of my house (I mailed her two).

During the following week we briefly chatted maybe 3 times. No deep conversation, this woman does not spell well, and obviously does half a dozen chats parallel.

I asked her to visit a web site that I host so that I could trap her IP number. It was

I used two different tools (web sites) to identify the location she was coming from. Most web sites reported this IP as in London, UK. One web site located it as CAPE GIRARDEAU, MISSOURI.

If you ever want to do this kind of check, grab the IP number from email headers and use a web site like on it. You need to make your email program or web client display all headers, to see the 'Originating IP'. Yahoo's email client offers this. I do not know about AOL or hotmail.

She claims to be on AOL (which I found strange, does AOL offer service in West Africa?)

Yesterday she started talking how her step-dad does not send the money he is supposed to send. A kind of allowance instead of a paycheck. Don't ask me for an explanation of this concept.

I did not like to hear her talk about bills that she cannot pay. I'm kind of allergic to this talk when I know a person from 60 minutes of chatting only :-)

Anyway, today she asked me directly to Western Union her the money, $750. As I am posting this, I am still chatting with her. A copy of today's chat is below.

(myself): hello?
Joy Johnson: i was unable to get u the number cos the phone network was bad
Joy Johnson: i was thinking of geting my self a foone
(myself): is it worth it when you're leaving soon?
Joy Johnson: No...thats the problem
(myself): can you do me a favor? Click on this?
(myself): and then, what's the prob - you cannot leave?
Joy Johnson: i dont understand this whole thing
(myself): what thing?
Joy Johnson: what u talking about]
Joy Johnson: the webpage
(myself): oh
Joy Johnson: or what?
(myself): i didn't meant that you actually read it 
(myself): i just wanted to see if it loads properly now

(myself): sorry
Joy Johnson: ok
(myself): are you home?
(myself): i mean.. in the hotel
Joy Johnson: hotel
Joy Johnson: yeah.i just wsanted to know if u will be sending me some cash
(myself): how?
Joy Johnson: western union ....u know any western union around u
(myself): and which w.u. are you at?
(myself): do i need a city/ office number?
Joy Johnson: No u dont i will give u the whole infou need
Joy Johnson: you can send the money in the hotels managers name
(myself): well, what's the hotel's name then? and/or the manager's name
(myself): sorry for the huge font
Joy Johnson: Receivers Name:Mercy Gray
Address:12 hotel road.
Zipcode/city code:23401
Western union security question and answer:
Qfavourite colour
Joy Johnson: Receivers Name:Mercy Gray
Address:12 hotel road.
Zipcode/city code:23401
Western union security question and answer:

Qfavourite colour
A: Pink
Joy Johnson: thats the ifo
(myself): ok
Joy Johnson: info
Joy Johnson: do u know western union agent location
(myself): here in my area?
(myself): not from the top of my head
Joy Johnson: u
(myself): i need to look
Joy Johnson: u can give me your address i will find one for u
(myself): don't worry
(myself): i can find it
Joy Johnson: how will u do that
(myself): google
(myself): so how do i know you are really joy johnson
and not just someone making up things?
Joy Johnson: Babe can u just trust me and u see me once i get

to the bay area cos i will foward u my flight info
(myself): how much $ do you need anyway?
Joy Johnson: :$750
(myself): what is the company's name that you work for?
Joy Johnson: i told u yesterday united gemstones.........u dont 
need it to send it ok
Joy Johnson: babe trust me
(myself): oh right, i could not find anything on the web 
about 'united gemstones' either, but they are in Lagos, maybe that helps
Joy Johnson: dont worry just to western union agent location
Joy Johnson: ok
Joy Johnson: what cirt are u in the bay area
(myself): capitola
Joy Johnson: ok.hold
Joy Johnson: is this ur zip code 95010 
Joy Johnson: ???
Joy Johnson: joyee201: is this ur zip code 95010 
joyee201: ???
Joy Johnson: are u there???
(myself): yes
(myself): 95010
Joy Johnson: ok
Joy Johnson: 1475 41ST AVENUE   
Joy Johnson: do u know this address
(myself): Sorry Joy, I just don't believe that you are in 
Lagos, Nigeria. I think you're in London, England
Joy Johnson: peter u r so funny
(myself): and yes, that Western Union on 41st Avenue is only 
a few minutes from me.. what's funny?
Joy Johnson: cos u said i am in england....maybe next year i should 
go to london
Joy Johnson: u mean u have that location close to u
Joy Johnson: ????
(myself): yes, that western union.. maybe a quarter 
mile from my house
(myself): i know it
Joy Johnson: babe i think it will be better u send the money
now because of the time difference
(myself): no way.. you need to give me some reason to believe 
you.. I mean.. I WANT to believe you.. but there's evidence that you
 are not in Nigeria, sorry
(myself): give me one reason that shows me you're  really over 
there and not in the UK or somewhere in the USA
Joy Johnson: the one reason is that am going to pick
 the money up myself
(myself): i need to know a bit more about you
Joy Johnson: u did already......dont be silly peter....dont tell
 me u dont know the first thing about me
Joy Johnson: 
(myself): not really that much.. you've got a daughter, work
 for united gemstones, stepfather is your boss (right?), doesn't 
send you money (allowance instead of paycheck - strange concept),
 you recently came from Barcelona/ Spain to Lagos/ Nigeria
(myself): did i forget anything?
Joy Johnson: No.....what else peter....cant u just trust me for
 .... i will never disappoint u
(myself): why do you stay in Lagos if you don't get paid anyway?
Joy Johnson: i dont stay here,am heree temporary cos my step dad wants
me there......its not want i want,i just have to
Joy Johnson: peter
Joy Johnson: If I ever saw an angel, it was in your eyes
(myself): hm, that's a nice one
(myself): did my eyes reflect and you saw yourself?
(myself): i've got an idea
(myself): is the 750 for the hotel?
Joy Johnson: eah
Joy Johnson: yeah
Joy Johnson: Jede Minute, die ich mit Ihnen aufwende, ist wie Sein im 
Himmel und das Schauen in den Augen eines Engels
Joy Johnson: u know thats the truth
(myself): i could make a credit card payment to that hotel to 
cover your bill
Joy Johnson: no....u cant...cos the whole of 750 is not for the hotel
Joy Johnson: ok....u just have to rush to western union....ok
Joy Johnson: do u have he info writen down
Joy Johnson: ??????
(myself): i cannot leave right now
(myself): i'm waiting for someone
(myself): it's 6:15pm
(myself): they're probably closed already anyway
Joy Johnson: no they close for 7pm....u can just rush ok....peter 
do this for me now
Joy Johnson: ok.....i can get everything cleared tomorrow morning
Joy Johnson: it will only take 7mins or less for western union to 
send the money
(myself): my friend is on the way right now
Joy Johnson: it dosent matter.since u r not going to take more than 
10mins in western union...he can just wait for u
Joy Johnson: PLEASE
Joy Johnson: RITE AID #5966
1475 41ST AVENUE   
Tuesday 8:00am - 9:00pm 
Joy Johnson: u can just rush down and you wont take much time
Joy Johnson: PLEASE
(myself): I know the place, I go there twice a week.. 
(myself): why not a credit card payment?
Joy Johnson: it cant be sent
Joy Johnson: just go ok...for me peter
(myself): what is the $ for if not for the hotel?
Joy Johnson: for the hotel bill ,transportation cost.....
and medical checkup because of the weather here
Joy Johnson: ok.babe just try and go huh
(myself): nah, i don't feel as if i could quite trust 
you yet
Joy Johnson: matbe u will trust me and more about me,as
 soon as i get to the state
Joy Johnson: and peter if u say u dont trust me yet i understand
......but u just have to consider my situation and me myself i
 promise never to let u down
Joy Johnson: Promise
Joy Johnson: are u there???
(myself): yes
(myself): phone
(myself): look
Joy Johnson: look what???
(myself): according to my info you're either in
 Cape Missouri or London
(myself): and you give me absolutely no reason why
 i should believe that you're in lagos

(myself): not even a hotel's name
(myself): or a phone #
Joy Johnson: ay hotels.....manager s # (+234)8053601940
Joy Johnson: +234 country phone  code
Joy Johnson: what about this
Joy Johnson: ???
(myself): yeah?
Joy Johnson: didu get it
(myself): the number is busy
(myself): which room are you in?
Joy Johnson: busy...maybe its the network
Joy Johnson: executive room 1
Joy Johnson: ok
Joy Johnson: did u call d # again
(myself): that number is in Lagos?
Joy Johnson: yeah
(myself): area code is 805 ?
(myself): because i thought Lagos is area code 1
(myself): sweety, you need to improve
Joy Johnson: for landlines i think
Joy Johnson: 01 is for the land lines....the number i 
gave u is a mobile # peter
Joy Johnson: thats why u need the +234 b4 dailing 8053601940
Joy Johnson: ok
Joy Johnson: peter can u tell me whats on your mind
Joy Johnson: cos........its like u dont even want
 to take me for my words
Joy Johnson: Why?
(myself): sorry
Joy Johnson: u not answering me
(myself): my friend was at the door
(myself): joy i need to go now
(myself): i cannot call that number again, my friend and i are going out
Joy Johnson: ok
(myself): i'll try in a few hours when i'm back
Joy Johnson: ok
(myself): see, i need to verify that what you tell me
 is true.. ideally also that you are really that hot chick in 
those photos, but that's probably impossible to prove
Joy Johnson: lol......why not
(myself): hm, can you mail another photo of yourself?
Joy Johnson: believe me or noy ,its joy in the pic
(myself): well, are YOU Joy then?
Joy Johnson: i will............will u send on ur way back
(myself): bye-bye
Joy Johnson: bye-bye

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2006-12-28, 16:34:39
from United States  
Here are some more I tracked down in WEBDATE
Screen names: Anitamartins4you, Natasha 123321, Singlelover29
these are all scam artists behind the pics and names DONT BE FOOLOED!

Keywords: brunette
2006-12-28, 16:37:11
anonymous from United States  

2006-12-28, 16:39:12
anonymous from United States  

Keywords: blonde flower
2007-01-01, 12:00:37
[hidden] from Russian Federation  
Here is a new African scammer named of Julia -
And here is her letter:

Hello, Honey
Happy new year my love, and how are you today?,I am happy in your reply to my mail. i see you as a very nice man in my life, a God sent, who come to take me out of this horrible situation that i find my self as a result of war.

Honey It is a bit hot over here in Dakar Senegal.Its just like one staying in the prison and i hope by Gods grace i will come out here soon.
No relative now whom I can go to as all my relatives ran away during that crisis; the only person who take care of us is Rev.Thomas Ba.
Reverend Ba. is the pastor of the only church here in the camp(Christian Fellowship)
He has been very kind to me since i came here but i am not living with him rather i live in the hostel as the camp have two hostels; one for men the other for women.

The Pastors Tel number is (+221-436-33-24) if you call; tell him you want to speak with me he will send for me in the hostel. As a refugee here i don't have any right or privilege to any thing be it money or whatever because it is against the law of this country.I want to go back to my studies.I was only in my second year when the tragic incident that take the lives of my parents occurred.
I want you to know this,i have my late father's statement of account and death certificate here with me which i will send to you later,because when he was a live he deposited some amount of money in one of the leading banks in Africa which he used my name as the next of kin,the amount in question is $3.8m(Three Million eight Hundred Thousand Dollars).
So i will like you to help me transfer this money to your account and from it you can send some money for me to get my traveling documents and air ticket to come over to meet with you.

I kept this secret to people in the camp here the only person that knows about it is the Reverend because he is like a father to me.
So in the light of above i will like you to keep it to yourself and don't tell it to anyone for i am afraid of loosing my life, and the money if people gets to know about it.
Remember i am giving you all this information due to the trust i have on you.

I like honest and understanding people,truthful and a man of vision,truth and hard working.
My favorite language is English but our language is french but i speak English very fluently.Mean while i will like you to call me like i said i have alto to tell you.
Have a nice day and think about me.
please i am waiting to hear from you soonest.

Yours in love, Juleyan

2007-01-01, 12:20:21
[hidden] from Russian Federation  
I have been atacked by dating scammers from Africa during a long time. I came to the conclusion that practically all dating sites on internet have been affected by dating african scammers. their strategy is pretty simple.

I know an African scammer that is called Marcy: Here is a letter from her:
Dearest LOVE, I am more than happy in your reply to my mail.How was your day?.Mine is a little bit hot over here in Dakar Senegal. In this camp we are only allowed to go out only on mondays and fridays of the weeks.Its just like one staying in the prison and i hope by God's grace i will come out here soon.I don't have any relatives now whom i can go to all my relatives ran away in the middle of the war the only person i have now is Rev Paulson Etikudo who is the pastor of the (Christ mission Churche) here in the camp he has been very nice to me since i came here but i am not living with him rather i am leaving in the women's hostel because the camp have two hostels one for men the other for women. The Pastors Tel number is (00221 6959013) if you call and tell him that you want to speak with me he will send for me in the hostel. As a refugee here i don't have any right or privilledge to any thing be it money or whatever because it is against the laws of this country.I want to go back to my studies because i only attended my first year as a law student before the traggic incident that lead to my being in this situation now took place. Please listen to this,i have my late father's statement of account and death certificate here with me which i will send to you latter,because when he was alive he deposited some amount of money in a leading bank in Europe which he used my name as the next of kin,the amount in question is $4.5(four million five hundred Ud dollars ).So i will like you to help me transfer this money to your account (i don't mean that you should give me your account) and from it you can send some money for me to get my travelling documents and air ticket to come over to meet with you. I kept this secret to people in the camp here the only person that knows about it now is you because i trust you that you will be of assistance to me.So in the light of above i will like you to keep it to yourself and don't relate it to anyone for i am afraid of loosing my life and the money if people gets to know about it.Remember i am giving you all this information due to the trust i deposed on you. I like honest and understanding people,truthful and men of vision,truth and hardworking men.The money in question was made by my late father through his Gold/Diamond and political career and that is why i don't want anyone here to know about it until i travel out from here. Meanwhile i will like you to call me like i said i have alot to tell you. Have a nice day and think about me. Awaiting to hear from you soonest Yours in love MARCY. That is all information about scammers from Africa which I hope would have been useful for you.

Also I have a letter from another Africaner Ms. Kamala Jonta and which runs as following:

Dear Mr.:

How are you doing today? I hope my message meets you in good condition.

Once again, I want to thank you for your message and understanding. Please sir, I want you to understand that you don $BCU (B have anything to be afraid as long as this transaction is concerned. It is real and 100% risk free. Like I told you earlier in my pervious messages, I have every document regarding this transaction such as the certificate of the consignment deposit which the security company officials issued to my late father when he was depositing the consignment in their custody.

Base on the above, I have added below the contact of the security company for you to contact them on my behalf and ask them the procedures on how you can help me retrieve the consignment of my late father. I want you to tell them that you are my Foreign Guardian who will be helping me to receive the consignment. Also you can ask them how possible it could be for them to transfer the box to your country so that you can receive it there without any problem and please on no account must you tell them the content of the box is cash (MONEY) because my late father told them that the box is containing family treasures as it was written on the certificate of deposit.

Once again, I want to thank you for bringing out your mind to help me. Also I want to suggest one thing for you that if it can be possible for you to come down here, I will be glad to welcome you so that the both of us can go the security company together and you see everything with your eyes so that as soon as the box is been retrieved both of us can travel together to your country. But if you cannot be able to make it down here due to the on going political crisis, please I suggest you contact the security company so that they can start every arrangement to make sure you receive consignment as soon as possible. Please I want you to hasten up in everything you are going to do because I am not living happily here as there has been political crisis here in Abidjan .

Again, I want you to suggest any profitable business area where you can invest this money as I do not know anything about business investments as I will be there to continue my education while you take care of the investments. Below is the contact of the security company.

World Trust Security Inc.
Ave 15, Rue Du Canal Abidjan ,
08. B.P 3159 Abidjan 08 Cote D'Ivoire
Contact Person.
Mr. John Fordes.
Operation Manager (W.T.S.INC.)
Tel/fax. 0022501341207
Email :

So Sir, I want you to contact the security company and ask them any question about this consignment that you wish to know. please my picture is for your eyes only. Again on no account must you tell the security company that the box in their custody is containing cash (MONEY) please as soon as you contact the security company do not fail to get back to me for more update. You can equally contact me via telephone number.0022507749831

I will be waiting to hear from you.

Thanks and God bless you.
Miss Kamala Jonta.

And here is the third African scammer named of Grace:

Hello, Hope you are doing just fine over there. My name is Grace. I just want to let you know that l came accross your profile and your e-mail adderss, here and after going through it l found you intresting,hope you don't mind. If you are intrested in knowing more about me and for me to send you my picture,just feel free to contact me at my private mail addresse at( Hope to hear from you soon,have a nice day and stay blessed.
2007-01-08, 15:07:36
anonymous from United States  

Keywords: brunette
2007-01-08, 21:48:00
anonymous from United States  
Thanks to this website and scams like these are being exposed. I actually was contacted by a via MySpace asking for some help. She claims to be in Nigeria and that her dad just died and a week later her mom got shot by robbers. She asked for $350 so she can renew her passport and right off the bat I knew it was a scam so to all of you out there be very careful. If you see something too good to be true, then it is.
2007-01-09, 18:30:17
anonymous from United States  
Has anyone heard of a
2007-01-11, 04:09:47 from United States  
The photo above is the most abused photo I have seen to date. I have seen it with dozens and dozens of different names and locations...
2007-01-11, 19:27:34
anonymous from Milton in Indiana, United States  
found one going by the name fo donald welton claims to be from ann arbor michigan when i busted him suddenly his profile was gone which i had a pic
2007-01-11, 19:29:40
anonymous from United States  
i have noticed that most of these scams are happening on the myspace website now it was a good site and i dont think good honest people should lose this site but we need to take action and report anyone who says they are in business in nigeria so far i have personally busted 4 working on the 4th now
2007-01-12, 12:05:27   (updated: 2007-01-12, 12:40:37) from United States  
This is messages from a scammer in Nigeria. Be afraid, be very afraid of these chicks. They don't' care if you are male or female, gay or straight. This came out of the blue from a lesbian website. It began like this:

Hello sweet sister ... i´d love to chat with you,reading your profile turns me on.I am always online on MSN messanger and my email is babegirldarlings@[ email removed ] if you don´t mind chating add me to your messanger list or send me an email .... hoping to hear from you soon. my name is Joy

Am simple,cool,caring,loving and want someone to share all that with.I am searching for someone who shares the following qualities with me. Thoughtful, loving, goal oriented, along with sense of humor. I love to laugh and smile. I also love to read,my job makes me travel and takes me around the world.I love my job so much.My interests are many.I am honest, intelligent, loyal, affectionate, easy going, romantic, soft-spoken and sensual. I'm romantic, caring, and much more! I'm 'crazy' about all pets; espcially dogs and cats. I love nature and I like to travel. I like books and reading Bible . I'm looking for a partner for life..are you the one...?Apperance is important but more importantly;is honesty, caring,and loving woman? If the REAL answer is 'YES'..send a note.I'm seeking a serious long term relationship and more. Someone special to capture my heart and knows how to handle it with care, one who will cherish me and be willing to share life's greatest joys and sorrows. Someone who's willing to spoil, pamper and love me unconditionally, whom is kind, sincere, honest, passionate, loyal, sense of humor, loving and wants a lifetime of passion ...

G. your email was removed .I want to chat with you so we can get to know more about our self´s .. try sending me a message to babegirldarlings(at)[ email removed ](dot)com i´ll be expecting your message.


I added you to my messenger list on MSN ... did you get the adding request ... did you add me to your friends list.


G. did we chat today? Or do you share your messenger with someone else? Am a little bit confused. I was online today and sent you instant messages but the person i was chatting with keeps telling me she is not Gina that she is someone else. Please let me know if you are the one or not.Maybe we should chat with another id's because the internet seems to act funny some times.G,thanks for the email.I like pets also and i have Bingo also,thats my puppy she is with my mom right now in london,whenever I travel for work i always take Bingo to her.I have a daugther also,she is with me here in Madrid Spain.I am an external auditor and i always travel for work.Have being working in hands with my step dad's company for three years now .I'll be in Boston in few weeks and i can then plan on how to come to Rainbow City to find you ... hope you will like that.Do you live alone?What do you do in your free time? And what exactly are you looking for,as for me am down for a relationship. I have attached a picture for you G,i'll be looking forward to the answers to my questions. Have a pleasant day


As my profile stated, I find it really hard to talk about my self. I am 47, have 2 dogs, (a cocker, Jade and a lab, Jack) I recently, 2 yrs age moved from B'ham, where I have beeen for 25+ years to Rainbow City to help out my elderly parents. We live on the Coosa River in ______ and I work for a Physician in B'ham, about 45 mls S of here. I have nnot dated in quite a long time and just came upon this site a few days age. Thus far, I have had a great response of friends. With that, I am pleased. As I said, I am _____, at hotmail.

Hi G

That was successful lol ... Sofa seems to be very strict.Anyway,how is your day going? When will you be back at home? Do you chat? Am on MSN messanger i don't know if you have one . Let me know if you do so we can chat on there . One more thing,can you tell me a little about you ? When i look at your picture i know you believe in yourself and you do have faith.Gina,i know we are yet to know each other but i know we are going to be best of friends if not lover. Right now i have to take care of some things .... i'll be looking forward to your email .


G you are a darling,to be honest with you, I don't have the words to make you feel better, but I do have the arms to give you a hug, ears to listen to whatever you want to talk about, and I have a heart; a heart that's aching to see you smile always,but we should have been more easier for use to get along if i was around,but its not a big deal i'll be back home in less than a week,going to Nigeria tomorrow is what is bothering me but i just have to cos my boss insisted.When can i meet you on MSN messenger so that we can chat,i have added you to my messanger list.I can't wait to have a one on one conversation with you.I love those pictures especially the one with your puppy. It looks so sweet .Let me know when you will be online and i'll wait for you Ok


Hi G
Sorry I won't be able to chat with you till i get back from the clinic,Sharon has flu and i have used all medications i have but it is getting worse,i just have to take her to the clinic.Thanks for the card am looking into the sky,i'll be back shortly when i do we will be able to chat,Nigeria is not a good place to be.Talk to you soon

I haven't heard from you since you took Sharon to the clinic. Please let me know that she is ok. Also, been concerned about you. Please let me know that you are both ok.


Am off to bed now,I'll need you to give me the Test question and answer to the transfer(If Any) as well as the money transfer confirmation number on the western union receipt so I can give it to them at the clinic first thing in the morning. Thanks for every thing,i am very greatful. I'll email you as soon as I get back home. (Where she got the idea I was gonna send her $, I am still unclear)

Love Always,

G do you mean helping Sharon out in her condition sound stupid?If I was in your shoes I wouldn't say that because I believe in you,but am very surprise that you don't even trust me but I doubt it.All I ever wanted is to be the best mum I can ever be for my only daugther,I have always tried my best for her but this time we are just in a terrible situation which I can't even handle myself.
G whatever reason that makes you feel stupid is not worth it. I was with Sharon earlier today and my face was full of tears and the poor girl said mum don't cry i'll be fine.Please let me know what the problem Is,am I the problem? Or you don't have the money to help,if you don't have it you don't have to tell me that way It hurts me so much and I was very disappointed. Am just curious

I'll be looking forward to the answers to my questions.

Michael Johnson sent up a red flag to me. You said your x left you right after Sharon was born. It just did not make sense to me. Plus, you do not speak like an american. Your grammar is off. You speak broken english. Therefore, I do not believe you are from Boston. If I am wrong, I appoligize. But $500.00 is nothing to me, trust is.

The name Johnson is just a coincidence. Here is Mr Johnson's mobile phone number +234-8020685028 if you need to verify anything, I just need you to help me , I never expected you to hesitate because we both know Sharon needs me now. I don't know what you want me to do to believe me,if you can't take my word for it. Gina here is the address of the hotel i am,you can use it for the WU transfer :

Receiver's Name: Joy Johnson
Address : 68 college RD
City : Lagos
Country : Nigeria
Zip Code : 23401
Test Question : Favorite Color
Answer : Pink

I'll pick the money up myself, I rely on you for this,please don't let me down.

Attached is a pic she sent me

2007-01-12, 19:42:41 from United States  
All this was helpful. I did not know sites like this existed. I wish I had long ago, else I would not have been a victim with a kind heart. Another site to add to your listing for NIGERIAN AND GHANIAN SCAMMERS TRYING TO WORK YOU FOR MONEY IS:

This site lists SCAM Tactics and shows photos of currently 1,025 pictures used in Scams, some of which are on this site that have tried to trick me also. It gives the most useful information also. I am goign to show pictures of some of the ones used to attempt to trick me in 2006:

Keywords: blonde white bikini harbour boobs
2007-01-12, 19:44:05
rev_3_15 from United States  

Keywords: black girl brunette brown boots dress
2007-01-12, 19:49:04 from United States  


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