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Determine how many external links point to my web site


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How can I find what other web sites link point to my web site? When I use Google's backlink function ('Backward Links' from the Google Toolbar), I get only 10 sites listed that point to me. I know for fact there are more. I simply want to discover who links to me.


I understand that knowing the links pointing to a site helps evaluate how popular or important the site is. This is what PageRank and similar algorithm use.
Right now, Google is not too good with the 'Backward Links' function. You can try As of now (September 2005), yahoo delivers the best result if you search using the linkdomain: syntax.

By the way, a different approach would be to parse the referrer log file of your web server. It may just take longer.

Here an example for this site (

- Google Backlinks: 20 links, 10 of them from one single spam site

- Alexa 'Sites Linking in': 17 links, the spam site is not included

- Yahoo ( 'About 809' results.

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down of scum, digestion [url=]3d crystal laser[/url] of sludge, strengthen the settling by way of coagulation and revitalize a plugged soil absorption system. It has to be remarked that in most cases using septic tank additives would be to transform the solid waste products straight into liquid and gaseous form. They regenerate natural occurring bacteria in the tank system and increase the settlement of solids in the system. Wastewater can destroy the environment if it's disposed as domestic, municipal or commercial wastes that it needs to be treated in the sewage treatment plants. The process of wastewater treatment is the removal of contaminants from the [url= http://www.china-cl..spx]Vacuum Cleaner suppliers[/url] wastewater both on the residential and industrial wastes will make the solid and liquid waste safe for disposal to the surroundings or aimed for reuse. There are actually different processes of wastewater treatments that are categorized in three groups: physical, chemical, and biological processes. The total amount on the contamination of wastewater and the discovered contaminants will pinpoint which of the process is to be utilized.drain is the better choice for gravel or shingle [url= http://www.idwellgl..tml]candle holders wholesale[/url] soakaway that can simply last for 15 years. The drain can easily work for 120 years and it's very easy and simple to fit and also an economical septic tank soakaway choice. When items become forgotten in the dusty corners of the kitchen, they can become new and interesting art pieces created for the home. The old dessert plates can transform into vases and the glass dinnerware set from grandmother can become a stepping stone dedicated in her memory. These objects easily forgotten can become a new part of the home. Residing the village lifestyle has its own benefits for those who plan to avoid the problems of urban surroundings. Additionally it means that certain service[url= http://en.zhongyi-n../]portable x-ray system[/url]providers are not readily available such as access to a municipal sewage system. In these cases a self-maintained waste management system or septic system is required as well as the septic tank is an essential part of this system. Septic tank should be maintenance is a vital part of keeping the tank as well and to function effectively. If you're like most people, you probably didn't think very far into the future when you bought and installed your pool. Most new pool owners are so excited about their addition and about all the fun and joy it will bring them and their families that they don't think about [url=]obagi peel[/url]all of the work that goes into owning a pool. If this describes you, don't feel bad. removal is not as easy as it sounds. It requires a high degree of planning and tactful approach in order to get rid of this problem.are found about anywhere; some of the most common areas where the can be found are basements and bathrooms. Since they flourish in the moist areas, they are more prevalent in areas having high humidity. They also form in poorly [url=]Beveling machine[/url]ventilated structures. Waterproofing carried out using membranes is time consuming. You have to think about preparation time, weather delays and duration for the concrete to cure. All these aspects lengthen the duration needed to complete the construction schedule. A septic tank is a concrete watertight storage for the wastewater. The septic tank system is quite efficient since it is self-contained which is buried below ground for treating wastewater. Septic tank system is more economical than centralized sewer system since they are built on location. A stainless steel range hood is an [url= http://www.seogoogl..]important appliance for any kitchen .
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in any home. The [url=]3d laser crystal[/url] design of the range hood consists of a canopy and a capture tool, as well as fan or blower that can extract the smoke, air and smells from inside the kitchen due to cooking. In today's economy home or business damage is harder to take care of. If you have a flood or water damage to your home or business and don't have insurance the cost of getting your problems fixed can break the bank pretty fast. If you do have insurance, it is better to hire a professional water damage restoration company to handle the problem [url= http://www.china-cl..px]cyclone bagless vacuum cleaner[/url] for you. Unfortunately, water damage cleanup is an inevitable part of owning a home for many of us. Whether the water is from a clogged floor drain, torrential rains, or plumbing mishaps, there are three reasons for immediate water removal. The bed is one of the most important entities for a good night's rest for any individual to be refreshed in the morning to tackle the new day's issues with the required vitality and [url= http://www.idwellgl..html]photo frames wholesale[/url] mental alertness. Hence, it is not surprising for consumers to consider designer bedding choices on their beds which are usually premium products. With the needs of the consumers in mind, many celebrities have ventured into the bedding industry to set up their own label of bedding; hence, designer bedding is common among many celebrities who promote quality bedding products for the good rest... An electrician is a tradesman who focuses on the installation, repair and maintenance of the different electrical applications in both residential and commercial uses. Many people who end up as these [url= http://en.zhongyi-n../]portable x-ray machine[/url]experts usually start with an education that is focused on the electrical aspect of everything. Engineering has this aspect as well as other courses, which are not standard four year ones. Timber, which is also known as lumber, is wood and it is called this no matter what stage it is at in the USA and in Canada, from being felled to being ready to be used for construction. In the UK it usually just refers to wood products. Whether you purchase timber at the felling stage or when it is ready to be used for building work, you should check the quality and make sure that it does not have any major defects[url=]obagi treatment[/url] certified electrician is crucial to the success of your electrical installations or repair needs. If you are in need of an efficient and trustworthy electrician who can finish your task at the expected date and gives you a reasonable rate, then there is no better electrician than the one who has the license and certificate to do the work. Whether you have just moved into a newly built home, or a house that had seen better days and [url=]Drilling machine[/url]are totally revamping it, you need to think of all the little touches that complete the look. After choosing different wallpapers, laminate flooring, accessories and more there could be something that is making the room look a bit odd. Take a look at the internal doors in your home, they may have been left unpainted or perhaps left looking worn out from previous owners. When you are dealing with water damage due to a flood or a storm in your own home, you have the option of working together with a professional to have the flood cleaned up or you may be thinking to cleanup water myself, depending on the experience you have with working with water, electricity, mold and other potential issues you may encounter during the cleanup process. Water damage cleanup can be done with professionals, but that may require more funds than you have available and you may simply prefer working[url= http://www.seogoogl..化[/url] with the water .
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