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Are you a Western man getting love letters from Kazan, Russia and do you consider sending your future bride money for visa and airfare? Read these articles first then..

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Dating scammer honest sandra

Name: honest sandra


don't know

Phone #'s: 4015842142---from somewhere in Rhode Island, but she's in Accra Ghana?!

Ghana #: 233232799920--asked me to buy her a phone card from possible scam!

Her text messages were very well worded with proper spelling, syntax, and diction, but online chatting, came across like a 6th grader. I sent her pix of my surroundings (nothing that would identify where I live) and asked her to do the same--said she did not have a camera, but take some soon; she sent me twelve hot pix that I think are of the porn star, Karen Dreams. On the phone, she had a coarse gravelly voice, almost like a man, that in no way matched the gorgeous photos she sent me. Today (2/4/14) when I went to chat with her online, she pressured me to buy her the card and text it to her; I told her to be patient while I searched for deals, etc. and she dropped the chat....guys, lonely as we are and would love to believe these gorgeous beauties are waiting to fall into our arms, please realize that in reality, it is more than likely some ugly-ass man in a back room somewhere scratching his crotch, smoking a joint, and laughing at us dumb-ass old farts; I am 54, but when a HOT 30 year old starts sending me knock-out gorgeous photos, I wonder if I have a chance to get this gal for real! Do not feel bad if you have been duped! These are predators that are toying with our loneliness and flatter us with the pix and alluring words that they want us and blah, blah, blah. There are no chicks as hot as what we are seeing anywhere in Africa! NEVER SEND ANY MONEY, NO MATTER HOW SAD (AND REAL) THEIR SOB STORY IS! This chick found me on and immediately implored me to get off that site andcommunicate exclusively with her--I did and within 48 hrs. we had exchanged 145 texts. Thank God I saw through this in time and found this site--when I downloaded the pix and they showed up here with many aliases; I suppose I was a dumbass for wasting 48 hrs. hoping/believing/dreaming this gal might become mine someday. Says she is in nursing school, is a hairdresser on the side, lives with her ailing mother, and lost her father many years ago. She would never answer my specific questions and kept trying to flatter me with enticing words. Oh well, I did not send her anything but a final text telling her the jig was up!

Other Comments:
Possible aliases: Pamela Appiah, Nancy Milman, Osai Williams, Miriam Ruis Roberta Mills, Sandra Amankwah, etc.

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