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Are you a Western man getting love letters from Kazan, Russia and do you consider sending your future bride money for visa and airfare? Read these articles first then..

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Dating scammer Sharon Bright

Name: Sharon Bright

Email:,, ph.manager1@acc

First e-mail originate from:

Second email originate from:
IP:, Country: ISRAEL, ISP: IPPLANET (satellite?)

First email originate from:

Asked to contact:
Mr Segun, Hotel Manager, with reference to Sharon Bright in room 22.
Hotel Direct Line: +234 8068509244 (Note: area code 80 is for cell service and thus not a direct line)

Asked to pay USD 650 to
ZIP CODE: 23401

Other Comments:
Summary: Received a personal message on Replied and got an email with three innocent questions. Replied and got a third letter asking me to help her financially and to contact a hotel manager in Nigeria. I exchange a couple of emails with hotel manager trying to make him use his real name by saying i can send without a security question, which means he needs to show a national id card to western union.

----------- Her first message to me ---------------

Subject: Hello...
Received: 05/25/2008 08:18 am

Wow, what a wonderful day today! I somehow saw your profile and I liked very much what was written there. I would be happy if I hear back from you. I think you are a very interesting person. And I think you can tell me much about yourself. I have a dream to meet my beloved person and to create a happy family with him. Life can be very bright when you love and feel desired. Life is wonderful when you have your beloved ones and friends close to you. Nobody should be lonely. If you give me a chance to get to know you, you may find an interesting and good person in me because I am easy to get along with also very simple and outgoing. I'm looking for a true friend and then see what happens, someone to talk to and share things with, someone to spend sometimes with in getting to know each other and develop something special in common. I will do my best to describe myself and what I'm looking for in friend, lover, and possibly a husband. I consider myself very honest with strong family values and morals. I have lots of friends and I keep my friends for life. Certain ones are very close. I am a caterer .I have a good reputation in my field and I'm very satisfied thus far. I have plenty of free time. Well, I will tell you more about myself as soon as I get your reply. One thing I can say for sure, I am ready to go to the edge of the world just to find my second half and to give him all my love and tenderness. Please, feel free to ask me any questions. I will be very glad to answer them. Enjoy your day! Here is my private email address you could send me emails here for better communication we could as well chat on yahoo messenger ( Or ) I look forward to hearing from you soon.

------------- My Response -----------------

Hello Sharon,

I received a letter from you on If you want to correspond this is the email to use. Before writing anything personal i want to see that I get a response on this email.


--------------- Her Second letter to me -----------------

Frn: 'Sharon Bright'
Well, I would like to get to know you so tell me more about you. what are you doing for a living? what do you like to for fun and what type of relationship are you seeking on here? Hope to hear from u soon

------------- my second response to her -------------

Till: 'Sharon Bright'
Hi Sharon,

So where do you live?
Do you have more pictures of yourself?


--------------her third message to me -------------------

Frn: 'Sharon Bright'
Actually , I am not in the state at the moment, cuz I lost my mom 2yrs ago and My Dad died in a car wreck when I was 13 yrs..... my mom got divorced with dad when I was 12 and I never know where she is....... I have a Sister, she is in Last Vegas but a drug adict.

But before going through the hard time, i finally met a guy in the state which he use to be telling me that he care's not knowing that he was a lier, cheater, thief, heart broker. The basterd invited me over to his country in africa and he stole everything the night we spent together in a hotel. I tought i will be able to find him cos i reported him the police so i waited for weeks unfortunately the police couldnt find him.

now the hotel has held down my passport and ticket cos I owe them the bill.dont know how to pay that cuz that bastard has stolen all my belongings, I have been stuck here for a weeks now cuz I owe. Besides, I went to the Us Embassy with the Hotel Management the first week I got here, they ask me to pay the bill so they can fly me back home,cuz they were blamming me for coming down here in the first place. But Hotel Manager wont let me go without paying for the weeks I spent.. That's why am still stuck here...

I am using the Hotel Internet ComPuter, that's why the bill keeps counting on me....I really would love to get out of here right now....if I could pay the bills...

I really dont like to say it out cuz it's a shame to me,'s just that when someone is in trouble he or she need to shout it out..., I am not telling you this for you to help me..cuz I dont want you to feel like I am trying to get you out of money..cuz i know it's very hard to believe..but if your willing to help me, I will be glad. hope to hear from you soon.
If I can be help to call the Hotel Manager and get me out of here, I would be so happy to meet you in person. His name is Mr Segun you can email him and let him know you wanna help me...My name is sharon bright I'm in room 22.
His email adress
Web Site
This the hotel Direct Line. 0112348068509244
Hope to hear back from you soon


------------- my fourth letter now to the 'manager' ------------

Dear Mr Segun,

Sharon Bright in room 22 is in trouble and asked me to write you.
What is it all about?


------ reply from the so called hotel manager --------

Frn: 'Peace Hotels (Management)'

Hello Sir
Compliement of the day to you.

* I apologise for the delay in response to your mail and regret any inconvieniences this delay might have caused you.
* I write to respond to your mail in regards to our customer/guest in room #22 on the 3rd floor, Ms. Sharon , she has been lodged here in our hotel and has not been able to leave as a result of the money she owes the hotel. At the moment, she owes the hotel a total sum of $650.
* The hotel is aware of her financial problems which has made it hard for her to pay her bills which she owes here. As a foreigner, we have decided to give her a condition which would have her make a part-payment before her seized passport and other vital travelling documents can be released to her. She would have to sign all the necessary documents which would state clearly the terms on which she would complete the payment of her bills when she gets into the United States.
* I would have loved to assist Ms. Sharon , but to be honest with you, this is far more than my duty here as the hotel manager since the hotel owner has instructed me to ensure that Ms. Sharon doesn't leave the hotel until she pays the bills she owes here.
* The hotel owner has instructed that from today on, Ms. Sharon would be stopped from having meals served to her until she gets someone to get her out of there. I haven't conveyed this to her and I really don't know how bad she might feel if I end up telling her; maybe you might be in the best position to tell her.
* I hope your mail states clearly how much you would be willing to pay to get Ms. Sharon out of here so that she would return back to her country.


You are to send it via any western union Store closer to you by using the information
ZIP CODE : 23401

As soon as you send her bill mail me back all this
information requested below.....
YOUR SENDER'S NAME .............................................
COUNTRY .................................................
STATE ...............................................
CITY .............................................
ZIP CODE ...................................................
WESTERN UNION OFFICE ....................................................
You are hereby advise to act fast because as the
matter of fact the mangement has reached to conclusion
to stop her feeding and the internet use.
You are hereby implored to send the money through
any Western Union Store close to you being the only
method of Payment due to our pass experienced,that
will be more faster than any means of Payment

Thanks,your swift response is highly welcomed.

The General Manager ,
Peace Hotels

----- my fifth letter trying to get him to use his real name ---------

Till: 'Peace Hotels (Management)'
Dear Mr. Segun,

The USD 650 is not much money so I guess I can provide that to keep Ms. Sharon out of trouble.

However, to make a safe transfer i will not use the security question so make sure you have given me that correct information. I will also require your full address.

I could make the transfer today if you are quick in reply.

Best Regards,

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