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This category lists scammers who pretend to be single men and scam women, usually out of money. The typical story is a wealthy businessman who got somehow stranded in Nigeria and needs your financial aid to be able to come back to his home country where he promises to marry you.


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Dating scammer David Jefferson

Name: David Jefferson


Ikeja, Lagos,Nigeria
phone +234-813-709-7403 and 481-3-709-7403
also in this scam was morgan terry, and james paul

Other Comments:
he found me on, wanted me to go chat with him on my facefook page which gave him more info on me then he wanted me to open an account on yahoo, he said it's better to talk there, he then swept me off my feet, said he was from dallas tx. self employed with computers and electronics and got a contract in lagos supplying comp. and also delivering needy things to a couple orfanages, his mom is texan while his dad is from spain, his uncle raisded him because his parents were killed during a robbery while they were in spain visting when he was 5 yrs old, then 5 yrs ago his wife was killed in auto accident, and he takes his two kids with him on his jobs sanda is 4, while jeff is 5. he is on his two month contract job in nigeria but he now lost his wallet , can't find it any where, what are the kids going to eat, hes staying at the city view hotel, and hires a setter to keep kids while he works, and he has no money to get plane tickets, then there is a bta fee of $3000 he has booked his flight and paid for the tickets but they won't let him have tictets and board the plane till the bta fee is paid, and the storey goes on but thats where i said enough. this guy is a professional at what he does, so watch out for him, he sent me fake copies of the contract, reciept for tickets, and of his payment slip with an outlandish amount of money to be paid in swift, because when his wallet and credit cards were was stolen he had to put a hold on his bank account because of the large sum of money in it, and he will tell you that he knows his worth when he asks for money, but he can't access it till he is back in the stats, and he promises to pay you back , he will marry you and share his wealth bacause he loves you so much, when i started checking things out everything is copy and paste what a lowlife scnmbag. I found out that he had just opened this new yahoo account on aug. 18,2011 so he has a new name, email address and stolen pics, by the way are of a very nice looking man and two kids, he says he has a slight spanish accent because his uncle raised him, this guy is very slick at what he does and when i told him i new that he scamming me, and i was pretty verbaly abusive with him, told him to leave me alone, he has not, he calls me crying for help to get home ,i even talked to a girl once to tugg at my herat strings, but ladies you have to be cold hearted to them do not give in or they will not go away. from now on i will meet someone close to where i live and meet them face to face. i fell head over heals with words and stolen pictures, but he is the lowest scum on this earth and not worth my time, I just wish there was a way to find the the people in the stolen pictures.

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