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This category lists scammers who pretend to be single men and scam women, usually out of money. The typical story is a wealthy businessman who got somehow stranded in Nigeria and needs your financial aid to be able to come back to his home country where he promises to marry you.


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Dating scammer michael armstrong

Name: michael armstrong


Albany, NY
Tel 0015187036415

Other Comments:
LADIES BEWARE!!!! OMG I have recently been scammed by Michael Armstrong aka Azudiugwu Chijioke from Nigeria. I now know the man in the pic is an innocent victim whose identity was stolen.
I met Michael on fb in April. He charmed the socks off me or should I say pants! I spent endless, countless hours chatting to him in the evening, middle of the night or early in the morning. He was perfect, too perfect. He will fall for you, tell you that you are his angel sent fm god. He will miss you, love you til eternity and want to spend the rest of his life with you... Even love your kids or as he put it, our kids! He will give you a pet name too and tell you his favourite song, which I would play before i went to sleep, omg so dumb! Anyway Michael is an environmental engineer born California. His dad (scottish) died when he was 12, mum (italian) lives in California wit his daughter Sandy and granddaughter Rebecca (5) . His wife was a victim of lung cancer. He lands a multi million contract in Texas with the help and support of Gary his best friend and attorney. Gary goes to China to buy materials but prices have increased and he I was asked for money but said no cos money was tight. I didnt hear from him for a few days cos he was so stressed....(bless) anyhow I nearly buckled with all the sob story. The crunch came when I was still at work and he called me. He was not a hapoy bunny and my oh my his african accent shined through ( i had initially had a phone conversation with him and thought he sounded kinda of american with a twang - voice didnt fit the pic). Anyway he left me message on fb apologising for using a hard voice lol and to send money urgently to Azudiugwu Chijioke, Nigeria. My alarm bells went off and when i questioned him on fb he lost it!! He said that i hurt him with my words....however i sent a few messages saying sorry (idiot)) and hoping i wS wrong. He forgave me and told me it was ok, he forgave me and he so much.
He rang me 3/4 more times that evening, normally i called him running up a.massive phone bill. I ignored his call then he left me.a.message saying 'i hate you, dont you ever contact me, i dont want anything to do with you and f*** you!' ..i was so upset NOT i just laughed!

Ladies.. i fell hook, line and sinker for the man in the pic. His so called words were kind loving and sincere. Perfect.... But no... The poor man in the pic is innocent and i woukd dearly love to speak to him and tell him his identity was stolen. Michael was coming to uk to marry me and to be with my kids. How foolish one coukd be..but it happens. I have read lots of messages on here and find it upsetting that ladies have parted with hundred and thousands of pounds/dollars. These guys are serial scammers and professional! They prey on vulnerable women looking for love just like myself. He even sent my daughter 21st birthday message. I might have been scammed emotionally and out of pocket from my mobile calls but thankfully no cash sent. These scammers need STOPPING!!! THEY ARE SCUMBAGS!! The oil company used in the contract exists and i have contacted them. I have also met another lady here who wS scammed by the same person aka George Cohen and we are now friends. If you want to contact me! Us women have to stick together and stop these scammers!!!

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