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Retrieving the active version of Windows or DOS

Call the GetVersion Windows API function to return version information for Windows and DOS.
The function returns a LongInt which contains this information:

  • Byte #1 - Windows Version (Integer part)
  • Byte #2 - Windows Version (Fractional part)
  • Byte #3 - DOS Version (Fractional part)
  • Byte #4 - DOS Version (Integer part)
To display the versions in a Delphi form, create two Labels and add the following OnCreate event-handler:

procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
   Version : LongInt;
   Version := GetVersion;
   Label1.Caption := 'Windows ' +
     IntToStr(LoByte(LoWord(Version))) + '.' +
   Label2.Caption := 'DOS ' +
     IntToStr(HiByte(HiWord(Version))) + '.' +
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